4 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Eco Products

Solar icecaps melting, oceans heating, shoreline disappearing, and sea life dying from unknown causes, what do all of these things have in common? They are effects of global warming. Even one degree is too much when it comes to the delicate balance needed to keep what is frozen, well frozen. Pollution is taking its toll on the environment but so are we as consumers.

Here are a few Eco-friendly decorating ideas that will help reduce your footprint:

1. When upgrading your landscape why not include a solar powered water fountain instead of one that uses electricity. And use one that you do not have to constantly refill.

2. Buy window treatments and carpets that are made of natural fibers instead of those that are made of things that will lie around in a landfill forever. There are companies making these Eco-friendly natural fiber carpet tiles that can add beauty and value to your home without ultimately doing harm to our earth.

3. Use Glass as a decoration staple. You can find great decorating ideas and shop for recycled glass products at local resale shops and antique store. Lampshades can be purchased made fully of recyclable materials.

4. Bamboo is also a sustainable and renewable fiber and they make sturdy long lasting rugs. When deciding on area rugs why not add a touch of the Far East to your decorating scheme by incorporating a few bamboo rugs.

You can decorate your home and still be concerned for the earth that has to sustain us all. It is a simple process of finding the right furnishings and interior design ideas that are made of materials that will not leave a large impact on the earth.

Image Credits: Amy C.

Amy C. enjoys writing about sustainable and ecological home décor solutions. To learn more her decoration tips and browse her solar fountains collection, please visit her indoor fountains web outlet.

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