Potable Water In Developing Countries: Are We Doing Enough?

It is a sad fact that in the year 2013 there are still approximately 800 million people without access to clean potable water. Almost 3.5 million of us will die each year from water related diseases, with 99% of fatalities happening in developing and third-world countries. Despite countless UK & US government campaigns and numerous national … [Read more...]

Tap, Bottled, Or Filtered?

Tap, Bottled, Or Filtered? Unless you live in a city that has very high standards for their municipal water supply, you may have noticed some peculiarities about the water in your home. Most often, an odd odor or taste are the most noticeable traits of poorly filtered water. You may also have noticed a chalky looking substance that forms around … [Read more...]

EWG’s New Online Water Filter Buying Guide

EWG's New Online Water Filter Buying Guide Washington, D.C. – The Environmental Working Group has released its new online water filter buying guide with more options and new tips for consumers who want cleaner drinking water for themselves and their families. “Having clean and safe drinking water isn’t a privilege, it’s a right,” said Paul … [Read more...]

Food And Water Watch – Guide To Safe Tap Water

Food and water watch has put together a video and guide for safe tap water and how to chose a water filter. Take Back the Tap Guide to Safe Tap Water Tap water is tested more frequently for safety concerns than bottled water, but the water quality reports issued by local utilities can be confusing to read. Use this guide to help understand … [Read more...]

Tips for Lead-Free Tap Water

According to the EPA, exposure to lead in drinking water can result in delayed physical or neurologic development in infants and children, and can cause high blood pressure, kidney problems, and cancer in adults. Moreover, a growing body of evidence suggests adverse health effects result even at blood levels below the 10 µg/dL “level of concern” at … [Read more...]

H20 On The Go With Filtered Water Bottles

Filtered Water Bottles Filtering your water at home is fine, but what if you want to be able to do it on the go? Ready to break your plastic water bottle habit but not quite sold on straight municipal tap while your on the go? If so, a filtered water bottle may be the solution. Amazon.com carries a wide variety of filtered water bottles. With … [Read more...]

Water Filters For a Green Life

Contestant #5 in our blog contest: Article by Katrina Oakley   There are many ways to live Green these days. Green living is in. Everywhere you look there are Green products. There are, Green furniture, Green electronics, appliances, food packaging, even Green cars. There are many ways to live a Greener life. Think about what you use in your … [Read more...]

Multipure products are effective at reducing levels of Hexavalent Chromium

PRESS RELEASE Millions of Americans are at potential risk from Chromium VI contamination in their drinking water. Homeowners can protect themselves from the contaminant with a Multipure drinking water system. New reports from the Washington Post and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) indicate the suspected carcinogen is more widespread … [Read more...]

Is Dr. Mercola deceiving his customers?

If you are a subscriber to Dr. Mercola's website, you will have gotten an e-mail today entitled "The Most Dangerous Types of Water You Can Drink". When you click on the link, it takes you to his Pure & Clear website where he is now promoting another water filter. At the top of the post of course is a video where he discusses why you need a … [Read more...]

How to Purify Unsafe Water

Safe drinking water is a life essential. Without pure, safe drinking water, the body and all of its intricate systems will shut down. We tend to take for granted that safe water will always be available. What are the proper measures to be taken when purifying unsafe drinking water? There may come a time that knowing how to purify water can mean … [Read more...]

Multi-Pure® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing Water Filter – Video by The Water Filter Lady

Multi-Pure® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing Water Filtration system in the U.S. Tested & Certified by NSF for reduction of these major contaminants: Arsenic, Lead, VOC's, Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Asbestos, MTBE, Mercury, PCB's, Chloramines and many more.Multi-Pure® NSF Certified Solid Carbon Block Drinking Water Filters For the … [Read more...]

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is a process similar to membrane filtration that when used on water eliminates the presence of most heavy metals and contaminants. However, there are key differences between filtration and reverse osmosis. During the filtration process, the water is strained through a membrane which allows the filter … [Read more...]