Climb For Water – Going to Great Heights to Help Save Lives


What started as a few friends deciding to fulfill a life-long dream to climb one of the tallest mountains on earth has evolved into their desire to use the experience to save lives. Just who are these adventurous climbers? Read all about Kraig Kern, Scott Whalen, Tasha Lewis, and Kary Kern at

The founders of the Climb for Water campaign have aligned themselves with Water for People, an organization that helps people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources and sanitation facilities.

Because their jobs specialize in water resources engineering, it is a natural way of using the team’s talents to promote clean water everywhere they go. So this summer they will journey to Tanzania in eastern Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their goal is to raise the equivalent of $1 for every foot in elevation they achieve as a climbing team. That means if they reach the summit the hope is to have gathered approximately $20,000. Just the goal of the climbing team alone will raise enough money to give 1,000 people clean water for 20 years through the use of water filtration, aquifer drilling and rain capture devices. The potential to save lives in the generations who follow is incalculable.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain peak in Tanzania, Africa. The name Kilimanjaro is derived from a Swahili word Kilma (mountain), Kichagga (Njaro) (whiteness) that is White Mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro is also by the name of Shinning Mountain.With its three volcanic cones of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, is a massive inactive volcano. The highest peak of Kilimanjaro is 5,893 meters above sea level and is 4th highest free Standing Mountain in the world.

Official Climb for Water Schedule

8/25/11 – Leave the U.S. for Kilimanjaro International Airport
8/26/11 – Arrive in Moshi, Tanzania
8/27/11 – Visit local villages in the community; climb orientation
8/28/11 – Volunteer at Kilimanjaro Orphanage
8/29/11 – Final gear check; begin Climb for Water; make camp (8,500 ft)
8/30/11 – Climb day #2; make camp (11,800 ft)
8/31/11 – Climb day #3; make camp (14,200 ft)
9/1/11 – Climb day #4; make camp (15,600 ft)
9/2/11 – Climb day #5; SUMMIT DAY! (19,340 ft), descend (10,500 ft)
9/3/11 – Climb day #6; final descent; back to Moshi, TZ
9/4/11 – Rest day; wild game preserve safari
9/5/11 – Travel to Arusha, TZ; wild game preserve safari
9/6/11 – Visit additional villages, possible tour of water plant
9/7/11 – Depart Kilimanjaro International Airport
9/8/11 – Climbers arrive back in U.S

Their goal is to raise $1 for every foot they will climb equaling close to $20,000. They can’t reach this goal and save lives with out your help! Visit their web site,, to learn more.