Dr. Mercola and Houston Tomasz of Aquasana Deceiving Customers! part 2

In a previous post, I discussed Dr. Mercola and his deceptive advertising of his water filter (the “pure and clear” water filter made by Aquasana aka “sun water systems”). In that post Dr. Mercola discusses the importance of NSF certification and at the 8 minute mark in the video, the words “NSF CERTIFIED” pop up on the video screen, insinuating that their water filters have been certified by NSF. So, today I clicked on the video, and I got the error message “this video has been removed”. I was thinking oh.. they must have seen my post and gotten into a bit of trouble and were forced to take down the deceptive video..HA! I’m thinking, Yes! my exposing them got them to stop using this deceptive advertising…Yeah! …but wait a minute…lets go see if I can find that video. I didnt have to look far. I went right on over to Dr. Mercola’s Pure and Clear water filter website, and what do you know! There that video is. (the same one)! So, I now realize that they disabled the original video, then uploaded it again to youtube. Hmmm… pretty sneeky eh?

Here is where the plot thickens! I go on over to youtube (simply by clicking on the video) and it takes me to mercola’s youtube channel…and voila! I find another video where Dr. Mercola is interviewing Houston Tomasz of Sun Water Systems (better known as Aquasana) discussing water ionizers AND again the importance of NSF cetification. WOW… I get to watching the video and within a minute my blood is beginning to boil!!  I would like you all to take a look at this video and tell me…Do you think they want you to believe that their system is NSF certified? You bet they do! This in my opinion is the most deceptive discussion I have seen yet!  Here is the video:

Now, do you think that Dr. Mercola really believes that this product is NSF Certified? We all know, that it is not. As I said before you can go right on over to the NSF site and see for yourself that the Aquasana water filter, the pure and clear water filter and any products by Sun Water System are not now, nor have they EVER been NSF Certified. I will contact NSF myself today and inform them of both of these videos to see what their take is on all this deceptiveness!

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