Is Dr. Mercola deceiving his customers?

If you are a subscriber to Dr. Mercola’s website, you will have gotten an e-mail today entitled “The Most Dangerous Types of Water You Can Drink”. When you click on the link, it takes you to his Pure & Clear website where he is now promoting another water filter. At the top of the post of course is a video where he discusses why you need a water filter. Here is the video.

Everything Dr. Mercola discusses is 100% accurate in terms of contaminants and why you need a filter system. All is good up until about 8 mintues into the video. At this point, Dr. Mercola enphasizes how important NSF certification is, and the words “NSF Certified” pop up on the video. Wow. this is when I started to get pretty pee’d off. Dr. Mercola is insinuating that the system he so eloquently has sitting next to him and behind on the counter is NSF certified…when in fact the system he is promoting (which by the way is Aquasana brand) is Not NSF certified! This is considered as very deceptive advertising by Dr. Mercola!

I am sure that Dr. Mercola did not do his diligence when deciding to align himself with the Aquasana (sun water systems) company, and he himself may actually believe that this product is NSF certified, but I find that hard to believe. Anyone can visit the NSF website and see that infact the Aquasana brand of water filters are not and have never been NSF certified!

I suggest you do a bit more research on the products you promote Dr. Mercola!

NSF Seal of Approval

Always look for the NSF seal to ensure the product you are buying can be verified to stand up to the manufacturers claims. Click here to find out about the NSF regarding drinking water systems.

If you feel like you have been deceived by the claims of NSF certification of Dr. Mercola’s water filter, or any other company claiming NSF certification, please file a complaint with the NSF here:

Please note: I personally believe that Aquasana water filters are not a “bad” product. Actually the filter media cartridges perform quite well compared to some other products on the market. From what i’ve learned and read about Aquasana filters and from previous customers, Aquasana water filter housings have a major problem with cracking and leaking. (The plastic housings are extremely thin). The filter media  themselves have been tested by UL (underwriters labratory) and do carry the California dept of health certificate so they do perform as claimed in terms of contaminant reduction. However they are not NSF Certified, and in my opinion Dr. Mercola could be held liable for deceptive advertising relating to NSF certification claims.


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