Eco Friendly Boating – Minimizing The Environmental Impact

Eco Friendly Boating – Minimizing The Environmental Impact

Panorama-Cilaos-GreatoutdoorsI love the great outdoors. Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed spending tie outside. Nature is a playground that anyone can enjoy for free. The one thing I absolutely hate is when people take advantage of Mother Nature.

If you are going to have fun outside, please be sure to leave it at least as nice as you found it. Pollution is a serious problem that affects the health and stability of our planet for current and future generations.

One hobby of mine that I wanted to talk to you about today is RC Boating. Boating is a great eco-friendly activity that lets you explore cool new places in nature and have peaceful fun. I love racing my boats but hate when people cause harm to the environment by not taking a few simple steps.

Man has polluted large amounts of water with oil, chemical, and garbage dumping and Gas Powered RC Boats can also pollute local bodies of water.

These simple steps can help you minimize your environmental impact:

1) Check your fuel lines(GP Boats only)

Before using your boat, make sure your fuel lines are tight and secure. Loose lines or leaks can cause residue to build up and spill out into the pond. If you find a broken tube you can easily replace it or apply a waterproof sealant(which needs to fully dry before usage) to save the tube.

2) Check gas tank for problems(GP Boats only)

It is possible to crack your tank. Because of this it is crucial to thoroughly inspect your boat every couple of uses to look for serious damage and/or engine leaks. While performing these tests always make sure to tighten the screws and bolts on your craft to be in tip top shape.

You can test for problems by filling your engine with water. Let the boat sit for an hour or two and then check on your rc boat. If water has leaked out you may have an issue. If there is leakage you probably have an issue with the fuel tank. Sealants and epoxies can temporarily fix this but you will probably need to replace the tanks eventually.

3) Save the Titanic

If your boat sinks you really should try to salvage it. Leaving your boat(gas or electric) in the bottom of a pond causes problems. Electrical boats have batteries which corrode and leak toxic chemicals into the water. Gas powered craft eventually lose there gasoline/fuel in spills into the pond. Either scenarios is not favorable for the health of the pond and creatures that call it home. If you want help retrieving your sunken boat check out this post.

Thank you for taking these three simple steps to protect nature while having tons of fun RC Boating. If you want to learn more about me or RC Boating, check out or shoot me an email at