Help End Water Fluoridation –

By The Fluoride Action Network

No matter who you are, you can change local fluoride policy.

In 2008, the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 72.4 percent of  the U.S. population—nearly 200 million people—were using public water systems with fluoridated  water.  Since this report was published,  the CDC’s Oral Health Division has been working non-stop, spending large  amounts of taxpayer dollars promoting fluoridation throughout the United States,  with the stated goal of having more than 75 percent of the population drinking  fluoridated public water by 2011.

While an  official estimate for the fluoridated population has not been reported since  2008, it’s likely that more than 200 million Americans are now drinking water  purposely contaminated with this unnecessary and unhealthy toxin.

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Once you have learned the basics about fluoride, and have taken action to ensure you stay informed with the latest information, you are ready to take the second step, and become an advocate for fluoride-free water by working to educate others about the dangers of fluoride.

These Do NOT Remove Fluoride: Brita, Pur, and most other faucet and/or pitcher type filters.
(The ONLY way to remove fluoride is through Reverse Osmosis or Distillation)

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