How to Get the Best Out of Your Water Filter

You will always get the best out of your water filter when you follow the maintenance schedule that the manufacturer recommends. Why a filter needs to be change and how often they need to be changed are due to these factors: 1) the concentration of chemicals that cause your water to taste or smell bad; and 2) how much water the household use for drinking and/or showering. The “rated capacity” of a filter is always listed on the filter box to show how many gallons the system can filter over some time—ranging from 2 months to 12 months. The filter cartridge may become plugged if it is used beyond the rated capacity or period.  If water is highly contaminated or the filter system is not limited to normal daily use, the cartridge may quickly reach its rated capacity and could become plugged very sooner. In that case, a filter designed to last up to six months may actually become plugged before then sooner than the 6-month period.

To help customer get the best out of their water filter systems, the Multi-Pure Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Reminder Assistance program is among the best.   Multi-Pure’s program is two-fold: the first one allows customers to sign up for the reminder program and Multi-Pure will send reminders before the system anniversary to let customers know it’s time to replace your filter cartridge.  The second is even better.  I f a customer signs up for the Filtamania-Aquamania program they will receive automatic shipment of filters annually, plus, you can receive a system worth about $500 for free.

If you prefer to do the self-monitoring, you can buy one of the Multi-Pure filters that come with light indicators. The indicator will alert you when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

Again, it’s important to change your filter as often as recommended in order to enjoy the benefits of clean filtered water. It’s dangerous to drink contaminated “filtered” water from a cartridge that is not replaced on time.

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