How To Make Your Own Homemade Butter

How To Make Your Own Homemade Butter


I’m really not that much of a cook and honestly don’t enjoy spending time making and baking stuff,  but once in a while, I’ll get the urge to experiment and try something new for fun. Making my own butter is one of the things I really love. Making your own butter is super simple and if you have kids or grand kids, they will love watching butter being made. There are really only 2 ingredients  you will need. Heavy Whipping Cream and Salt. Thats it!  For supplies you will need a large mixing bowl, a hand held electric mixer, a strainer and a spoon.

Instructions: Pour heavy whipping cream into the bowl. At this point you may add a little salt. (I prefer himalayan or sea salt). You will gradually be adding more salt to taste, but of course the salt is optional.

makingbutter2Start the mixer on high speed . Continue mixing at the highest speed for  10-15  minutes.


At this point the cream is turning to “whipped” cream. (This is how you make whipped cream by the way) For whipped cream, you would just add sweetener and a bit of vanilla for flavor. But right now we’re making butter.makingbutter4

At this point the fat is starting to separate from the cream. You may want to cut down on the mixer speed, because it will start to get a bit messy.  (I prefer to keep it on the highest speed and worry about cleaning the mess later)


Here you can see the buttermilk separating from the fat. Once you the fat is separated from the cream, you will now be ready to drain.

makingbutter6Pour the contents of your bowl into a strainer and press as much of the liquid from the butter as possible.

makingbutter7Continue to press the butter into the strainer until you have a hard butter consistency.


The finished product!  Remove the butter into your favorite container and store in the fridge as usual. You may notice liquid droplets on your butter as you use it in the coming days. I use a spoon to press and  simply drain off the liquid.


The liquid that is left over (better known as buttermilk – just add 2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice to make your buttermilk curdle a bit) may be used in your favorite recipes.  Personally its a bit too salty for me, because I use quite a bit of salt in my butter. If you don’t want salty buttermilk, use less salt during the making of the butter. You can always add the salt to your butter later.  Enjoy!