Information You Should Know About Water Conservation Products

waterconservationWater conservation products provide many benefits in terms of reducing energy and resource consumption, cost effectiveness and overall environmental friendliness. That is why so many people have already installed these products in their faucets, shower heads and toilets. High-efficiency shower heads, toilets and aerators can reduce monthly bills while minimizing a home’s impact on the environment and reducing the amount of water the residents consume. Some people fear that they will not get the long, hot showers and other conveniences they’re used to if they make the switch, but there is no cause for concern. The finer products on the market today provide a great user experience with the efficiency and water conservation consumers expect. If you’re thinking of investing in products like this for your home, here’s a bit more information you should consider.

The Advantages

Who doesn’t want to reduce utility bills and cut back on the amount of water they’re consuming? Highly efficient, water-conserving products such as shower heads, toilets and aerators can accomplish both of these beneficial feats without a big investment. If your budget is limited, though, you may want to consider which products to install first based on the advantages you will receive compared to the cost of installation.


Aerators, when used properly, can significantly reduce the amount of water consumed through faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to look for low-flow aerators that are easy to use and look great in your home.


If you have the budget to install new, high-efficiency toilets, you will find many options on the market. You should be concerned about how many gallons of water the toilet uses with each flush, but also what the user experience is like. Look for eco toilets that use 1.3 gallons per flush or less, and look for products that help retain pressure during the flushing process.

Shower heads

While eco toilets and water-conserving aerators for your faucets would both be highly beneficial, switching to a more efficient shower head holds a great deal of potential to conserve water. As much as 35 percent of a typical family’s water consumption can be attributed to showering, so using a shower head that reduces water consumption can have a huge impact. Not only do high-efficiency shower heads help reduce water bills for homeowners; they can also help reduce utility bills and other monthly expenses, which is beneficial for renters as well as homeowners.

It’s great to know that there are ways in which you can make a real difference in saving water consumption – and on your monthly water bill – without having to make a big change in your daily habits. Simply switching out the shower head can make a huge difference on both fronts!

Fortunately, there are outstanding shower heads on the market today that provide the full, even spray you expect while substantially reducing water and utility bills. Whether you’re in the market for an aerator, toilet or shower head, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and convenience to reduce water and energy consumption, and fortunately, these days you don’t have to.

Jenny has been concerned about saving water for some time now and wanted to know what she could do to start saving more on a daily basis. So, she did some research and found that one of the best ways to conserve water is to use low-flow aerators. Now she has them in each bathroom of her home.