Multi-Pure Has An Excellent Green Home Business Opportunity

Need Money? Cant find a job? House in forclosure? Down in the dumps? Just need a little bit of extra cash to help with the bills? Then you might want to consider Multi-Pure’s home business opportunity.

I have been an internet marketer and Independent Multi-Pure distributor for 4 years, and I truly love working with Multi-Pure.  For only $29. You can become a Multi-Pure indpendent distributor.  If you would like your very own distributor website, the cost is only $40 per year!  There are no montly fee’s or autoships, and nothing else to buy. This is an affordable and easy business to get started with.

  Learn more about Multi-Pure’s green work at  home business opportunity:

Do you know anyone who drinks water? Of course you do! Everyone drinks water, so your target audience for sales is unlimited! Most people are concerned with the quality and price of their drinking water.

As a Multi-Pure independent distributor you’ll be able to earn money by helping people save money and improve their health!
Multi-Pure takes care of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Processing & Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Warranties
  • Payment Plans
  • Product Replacement
  • Free Training
  • Inventory

All you have to do is talk to people and take orders! Multi-Pure pays commission for every sale PLUS bonus cash PLUS a free vacation for top sellers PLUS a residual income for LIFE whenever your customers automatically replace their filter cartridge each year!

Multi-Pure International is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of drinking water systems. Founded in 1970, Multi-Pure has become the leader in the industry, offering products that reduce more contaminants in drinking water than any other product on the market. They offer products you can truly believe in and a terrific job opportunity that puts your financial future into your own hands!

Water is a multi-billion dollar industry and now you can have a piece of the action! Click on some of the documents below to learn more. Be your own boss and set your own hours! Part-time or full-time…you decide how much time you want to work each week!

  • No need to stock inventory
  • No daily sales minimum requirements
  • No territory restrictions
  • No limit to your income!
  • No reason to wait any longer!

If you had gotten started only one month ago as a Multi-Pure distributor, you could have already been earning commission every time you talked about clean water with others. Do you know anyone who drinks water? Of course you do!

So… by not taking action, you could have lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profit this month.

Compensation Plan
Distributor Earnings

Reasons Why You Should Work With Multi-Pure

• You can be your own boss!
• You have the freedom to work as little or as much as you want each day.
• You can work from home!
• We offer a product EVERYONE needs, so your potential sales are unlimited!
• Multi-Pure has been an industry leader since 1970.
• Multi-Pure is a GREEN company, offering GREEN products that help the environment.
• You can work anywhere you want!
• We offer a product you can truly believe in and be proud to represent.
• You can continue to receive income year after year when your customers automatically purchase their replacement cartridges!
• You can win prizes, trips, and cash bonuses!
• You’re rewarded for thinking outside the box!
• There are no limits on how much money you can earn!
• Multi-Pure provides great training for free.
• You will be paid your full commission bi-monthly.
• When you join our team you become part of our family-owned company. We’re pretty nice people too.
• You can earn up to 44% commission!
• Multi-Pure products help people save money on something they’re already buying.
• You can cash in on the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry.
• Consumer Digest rates our products as their Best Buy.
• Multi-Pure has enjoyed an excellent reputation of honor & integrity for 39 years.
• You don’t have to stock inventory because Multi-Pure ships directly to your customers.
• You can work part-time or full-time.
• You can help the environment by reducing the plastic bottles that go into landfills.
• Earn even more money by when you tell others about our Multi-Pure jobs!

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