Plumbed In Water Coolers Can Help The Environment

watercooler2Many of us purchase bottled water from our local newsagents and supermarkets. It’s great that we are drinking clean, filtered water and keeping hydrated.

Help Protect the Environment

There is one major issue with buying an increasing amount of bottled water is that the environment suffers more so; plastic is for now practically impossible to recycle. This of course only adds to the environmental issues that are becoming more and more obvious; tsunami’s, ice caps melting, floods and an increase in unpredictable and dangerous weather are all signs of global warming taking place. This is a result of many factors, not just plastic, but if more homeowners and offices invested in a plumbed in water cooler, this would undeniably help protect the environment

It’s not just the amount of plastic used for bottled water, but the fact that the water must travel by lorry, which also adds to the pollution of the air, which in turn adds to the environmental issues.

Additionally, consumers do have a certain amount of responsibility in terms of protecting the environment and should therefore, look to cut down on bottled water, especially if bought for drinking in the home. I mean it makes perfect sense if you’re on the move and want a drink handy.

Other Benefits

On the other hand, if homeowners were to purchase a plumbed in water cooler for their home they could not only have much cheaper water as opposed to purchasing bottled water, but they could also re-fill bottles for when they travel; saving homeowners that drink bottled water, a fortune. The water cooler would pay for itself within a couple of years and homeowners would have quality, filtered water for life or for as long as they live in their home.

There are more benefits for homeowners to invest, including, always having a flow of pure, filtered, cool water and with that brings convenience of not having to go to the shop and buy bottled water when they’ve ran out.

Types of Plumbed-In Water Coolers

For those thinking about switching from plain tap water or purchasing bottled water every 2 minutes, then  here are a few examples of plumbed in water cooler types:

Counter top water cooler – these water coolers are relatively small and compact – great for those of you who don’t have a lot of space or want to make the most of your space.

Free standing plumbed in water cooler – these are taller in size than the counter top water coolers, however, if space isn’t an issue then this type of water cooler could be ideal. There are many designs and types of freestanding water coolers to choose from and prices vary.watercooler1

Rent or Buy a Water Cooler?

There is an option for homeowners and businesses to either buy or rent a water cooler. Renting a water cooler could be ideal for those who are unsure of whether they want to invest in purchasing a water cooler or not. The downside of renting is that there is an on-going charge and with that the person or office doesn’t actually own the water cooler and will have to give it back once payment has stopped.

Essentially, it’s down to personal preference and circumstance as to whether or not a person or business wants to buy or rent. There are some companies that will offer a free trial for a limited period.

Adam, the author of this article has worked in the water cooler industry for several years and has gained vast experience within the industry.