The Green Polka Dot Box – Non GMO & Organic Food Buying Club

National Buying Club for Organic and Non-GMO Foods: The Green Polka Dot Box

We are excited to announce the formation of a new national distribution service for home delivery of organic and non-GMO foods, at 30-50% below the cost of retail, with free shipping on orders of $150 or more. The new national distribution club is called The Green Polka Dot Box (“GPDB”). Green polka Dot Box

After several years of asking Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other natural food stores to stop selling so-called natural foods tainted with genetically engineered ingredients, or at least to voluntarily label these products, we’re tired of waiting.

 The Institute for Responsible Technology, and Citizens for Health in calling on our members and subscribers to join the Green Polka Dot Box, where you can buy organic and non-GMO foods without wondering whether or not they are properly labeled. It’s time to step up the pace and qualitatively expand the sales of organic foods and products across the U.S. Two major obstacles to buying more organic food for many Americans are cost and accessibility. Many of us need to budget our food dollars more carefully in order to purchase more organic foods. Others of us live in Organic Food Deserts, where the closest co-op or natural food store is a long distance away. The Green Polka Dot Box represents a step forward to solving these problems and expanding the organic market.

To join Green Polka Dot Box and for more information about Founding Trust memberships, please click to watch the 30-minute video and sign up.  In exchange for watching the video you will receive a free one-year Club membership (In the future, memberships will cost $50 a year).

Starting this fall, we, just like you, will be able to order non-perishable organic and non-GMO products at 30-50% below average retail prices. Beyond the 900 non-perishable products currently listed, new products are being added every day. Later the buying club will be offering frozen goods, and eventually fresh organic produce from regional warehouses.

To join Green Polka Dot Box and for more information about Founding Trust memberships, please click