What is the #1 way to help our environment?

About a month ago, I watched the movie earthlings. Well.. I kinda watched it. After viewing the trailer, I knew It was not going to be an easy film to view. The first minute into the trailer was horrifically upsetting, and I had to gear myself up to watch the film. If you’re anything like me, I always thought PETA people were a little off their rocker and major extremests. That is until I watched this documentary. As I said, I couldnt really “watch” it. I had several windows open on my computer, and would occasionally glance and peek to see what was going on in the film. Needless to say, this film changed my life. They call this film “the vegan maker”. And once you watch it, you will see why.  I cannot say I completely changed from a meat eater to a vegan, but I am definately now a vegetarian. The reason I havent gone all the way is because it seems like everything has cheese on it. Vegans do not eat meat, dairy, cheese or eggs. And so far I havent been able to give up those few items, but I am working on it.

Anyway.. Being that I consider myself an environmentalist and have serious concerns about our planet and the things that are happening by huge corporations that have no regard for our precious resources, I was searching online for the number 1 thing that I could do to help our environment, and found the following article. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked to find that the 1 thing is….To stop eating meat!! Here is the article:

“I often get asked what’s the best thing to do to help the environment. Recycle, drive less, eat locally grown food, take public transportation? It was often a toss up to what I may suggest since each one is helpful although none really stood out as the best.

Now have the answer.

The United Nations (UN) recently released a report that stated the single best way to help the environment is to stop eating meat. The amount of pollution created in raising animals for human consumption is staggering, more than 130 times of human generated pollution. The amount of water used for animal raising is staggering as well.

Watch the video below from the Glenn Beck show that details more. Now Glenn is no vegetarian, but he makes a valid point that those that want to help the environment ought to be a good example and show others what they can do to make a difference.”


Not only is skipping meat good for the environment, it’s also been proven to reduce your chances for disease, extend your life and increase the quality of your life considerably.

If you’d like to help the environment (and yourself) take the first step and reduce or eliminate meat from your and your family’s diet. Look at resources that help with adding convenient and delicious foods to your diet, vegetarian and vegan options as well as vegan raw options.

To your best health!


Thank you Mark for sharing this article!

Source: http://www.healthylivingtalk.com/single-best-way-to-help-the-environment/

Click here to watch “Earthlings” (WARNING! Very Graphic)