Why I Refuse To Drink Bottled Water

After years of drinking bottled water, I finally came to my senses after seeing the documentary “Tapped” by Stephanie Soechtig. Even though I owned a water filter, I would still purchase bottled water for the convenience while on the go, at the beach, on vacation, at restaurants, etc. I never gave any thought to where the water came from, the contaminants that were leaching into the water from the bottle, or the environmental impacts that the plastic waste could have on our landfills or oceans. I never heard of the words BPA or phthalates and I didnt know that plastic bottles were made from petroleum products, that take millions of gallons of oil to produce, bottle and ship around the country and globe every day. I, like most folks, didnt have a clue. I had complete faith in the bottled water companies and figured I was drinking a safe, healthy alternative while away from my water filter at home. I liked (actually loved) the taste of my Aquafina and I never even thought twice about spending a dollar or more for it.
Then around March of this year, I heard about a documentary film called Tapped. I watched the trailer, then decided to purchase the movie. I anxiously awaited its arrival. When It finally came, I sat and watched it by myself.  Here is a post I wrote on that day. http://www.thewaterfilterladysblog.com/2010/03/tapped-psa-plastic-soup.html

The Tapped film certainly opened my eyes to the horror of the bottled water industry and the effect bottled water is having on our planet. If you never watch another film I highly encourage you to see this documentary before opening your next bottle of water! This film has really affected me and changed my life. Since that day, I have not purchased one bottle of water, and only drink from my water filter. I have several stainless steel bottles that we use when we leave the house, and I now take my water filter with me while on vacation.