Water: The Missing Ingredient in a Healthy Skin Regime

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In the wonderful world of beauty we are bombarded with skin care tips, techniques and topics. Big time beauty moguls will tell you that you need to use their latest and greatest product to protect your skin from wrinkles and sun damage.

All over the internet you’ll find articles, tutorials and videos that include everything from following a daily regimen for your skin type to avoiding certain chemicals that make up the packaging and the products.
There can be a lot of confusion around what you should do vs. what you need to do to maintain healthy skin. Let me simplify it for you by focusing on the most important element in any healthy skin regime.
H20 – The Under Rated Life Giver
Your body is composed of approximately 70% water. Therefore, water is vital for feeding your cells – inside and out. You need it to help digest your food and you need it to maintain your body’s temperature.
There are many reasons why water is the ultimate life giver but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on how it benefits your skin.
Water + Your Skin
A plan to have healthy skin is incomplete without recognizing the important role water plays. To cleanse your body of toxins that lead to drab looking skin, you need to drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily.
When buying moisturizer, focusing on the importance of water in the product is relevant. A moisturizer is not effective without water as the FIRST ingredient (followed by a natural oil). How can you hydrate anything without water?
Cleansing your skin is impossible without water. Have you ever stopped to think that the type of water you use to cleanse with also has an effect on your skin? Filtered is cleaner and much better for your skin than tap water – a bonus for sensitive skin.
A Purifying System for Bigger Benefits
Multi-Pure is one such purifying system that can remove the pollutants from your water so that you can gently cleanse your skin, as well as flush toxins from your body.
Pay more attention to the benefits of water to work toward having healthier skin. Drink more of it, look for it in your skin care products and invest in it for ultimate health.
Author Bio: Michelle Howard helps women of color to improve the appearance of their ethnic skin by providing easy to understand information and handcrafted beauty products. You’ll find her on Facebook at http://facebook.com/blended.naturals or on her blog where she shares about brown beauty.