What Is The Best Water Filter?

After doing years of research, I have found that Multipure® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing NSF Certified Solid Carbon Block Water Filtration system in the U.S. Multipure developed the solid carbon block water filter. Multipure’s Filters are 0.5 micron rated (sub micron)  meaning that “No Other Water Filter Reduces More Contaminants Than Multipure”

Multipure products were First to be Tested & Certified by NSF for reduction of these major contaminants: Arsenic, Lead, VOC’s, Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Asbestos, MTBE, Mercury, PCB’s, Chloramines and many many more.

A recent study from the Water Quality Association (WQA) reveals that the top two contaminants which Americans are concerned about in their drinking water are LEAD and ARSENIC. Multipure has been the leader in the drinking water industry with products which treat both lead and arsenic.
Currently, Multipure is the only manufacturer with a filter system NSF certified to reduce levels of Arsenic V.

Click Here to Compare Multipure to other Top Water Filters

When researching water filters, always look for the NSF Seal.


The NSF seal assures the buyer that the claims the company makes are true. Be Careful to look for performance data on company websites. If you can not find their performance data listed on their site, then they may be an unscrupulous company!




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