Pure Effect Water Filters

PureEffectFilters.com, is the home of advanced countertop and undercounter water filters/revitalizers for the widest-range of contaminant reduction for your daily drinking and cooking water needs.

Our high-quality drinking water systems help raise Alkaline pH, enhance Antioxidant properties of water, and effectively reduce:

Radiation –¬†Fluoride – Pharmaceuticals (Drug Residues) – Heavy Metals – Petrochemicals (oil byproducts) – Chloramine – Chlorine – Pesticides – VOC’s – THM – Sediment/Particulate – Bad Tastes/Odors & More!

Pure Effect Comparison Chart: http://www.pureeffectfilters.com/Comparison_Chart_ULTRA.pdf

Our latest fluoride removal technology, FluorSorb-MAX which removed virtually 100% of fluoride without any water waste, without using alumina, and without removing minerals, this is an unprecedented breakthrough for fluoride removal.  Here are the independent test result of before and after filtration with this technology:

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