A Cheap Water Filter System? Dont Waste Your Money.

Faucet mount and pitcher type filters like Brita & Pur do little more than reduce chlorine & gives the buyer a false sense of security.

Have you been tempted by fancy add campaigns and the lower priced water filter systems like brita and pur as an alternative for your family because of a limited budget? If so you need to realize that there are several problems with filters at that low of a price scale. Most of these filters are really only chlorine filters and not actual purifiers. Although chlorine removal is great, that in and of itself is not enough.

Water contaminants such as hormones, drugs, herbicides, pesticides, benzene, gasoline additives (MTBE) and many other harmful contaminants, such as trihalomethanes , volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) &  lead are not removed. Lead contamination is a big problem for many cities, not because the city water treatment facility isn’t doing the job, but because the pipes that run into homes are old and contaminated.

Bacterial cysts such as cryptosporidium are another type of contaminant that cheaper drinking water filters can not remove. They cause parasitic infections in the gastrointestinal tract and have been know to cause serious health problems and even death in the elderly, children and people with compromised immune systems.

You may feel that any filtering system is better than none at all, but remember, if you want the best for your family, then you can get the best filtering system at a reasonable price that will give your family the safest drinking water available.

Multi-Pure Corporation, the leader in the drinking water filter industry, offers their customers an affordable alternative to the cheap water filters with a low down 0% interest free payment plan. For more information on Multi-Pures Payment plan visit: Multi-Pure Payment Plan.

What Contaminants do Multi-Pure filters remove?

Multi-Pure’s Performance Data Fact Sheets (list of contaminants reduced)

For Model Nos. MP750SB, MP1200EL, MP750SC, MP750SI, MPAD, MPCT – Point of Use (POU) Filter Systems: http://www.multipure.com/br170.pdf

For Model Nos. MP880SB, MP880SC, MP880SI, MP880EL – Point of Use (POU) Filter Systems: http://www.multipure.com/br170_880.pdf

For Model Nos.  MP750PlusRO (Multi-Pure’s 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis): http://www.multipure.com/BR170RO.pdf

For Model Nos. TO15000, TO30000 (Multi-Pure’s Whole House Systems) These are Point of Entry (POE) water filters and mainly reduce chlorine and large particulate matter. I recommend these units to be used in conjuction with a Multi-Pure point of use (POU) water filter system.

For more info visit: TheWaterFilterLady.com

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