Multi-Pure Lowers The Price Of Stainless Water Bottles in Honor of World Water Week

In honor of World Water Week, Multi-Pure has lowered the price of their stainless steel water bottles to Half Price For the whole month of March!

Bottled water, sold in single-serving plastic bottles, is responsible for hundreds of tons of plastic waste, the release of hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide, and millions of gallons of crude oil used for the manufacture and transportation of the bottles. You can help make the Earth a little bit greener with Multi-Pure’s H2O on the Go!

Multi-Pure’s stainless steel reusable bottles are the go-anywhere solution to the waste of bottled water. Fill up your H2O on the Go with clean, clear, delicious Multi-Pure water and send the message to everybody that you’re doing your part to fight the environmental nightmare that is bottled water!

Multi-Pure carries 2 sizes for your convenience. A 17oz reusable bottle that normally sells for $19.95 on sale for $10. and a 1 litre bottle that normally sells for 24.95 on sale for $12.50. They even give you a larger discount on bulk orders of 10 or more. Both sizes come with a handy insulated carrying sack to keep your water colder longer.

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