Happy Chinese New Year ~ Year of the Water Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year! In Chinese Astrology, 2012 is the Year of the  Water Dragon, and the two-week worldwide celebration kicks off  Jan. 23.

The Year of the Water Dragon

By: the Firepig

Hail mighty Dragon! Your arrival is most welcome. People and businesses around the world have had difficult times over the last few years, so the good luck you bring is timely and needed.

The Dragon is in fact the major symbol of good fortune in Chinese Astrology. The Dragon constellation, for example, is accorded the honor of being the guardian of the Eastern sky. According to tradition the Dragon brings in the Four Blessings of the East: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.

Indeed, of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac the Dragon is the most special, as it is a mystical being rather than an earthly animal. It is sometimes called a karmic sign. In this context that means we can expect grand things this year. Bigger than life is very much a Dragon thing. There will be spectacular successes as well as crash and burn failures.

To get an idea of the magnitude of events that might occur in 2012 it is helpful to look back on the last time the Water Dragon made an appearance, the year 1952. In February Elizabeth II became Queen of the United Kingdom, beginning a reign that still continues today.  The UK was responsible for another amazing feat of longevity. In November Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap opened in London, eventually setting the record for the longest, continuously running production of a play in history. It is not really cause for celebration, but in 1952 the United States introduced two of the most destructive weapons in history, the hydrogen bomb and the B-52 bomber. On a more positive note, the field of medicine saw the first successful separation of Siamese twins at Mt Sinai hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. And, to make the point that significant bad things can also happen in a Dragon year, in December a killer fog descended on London, one result being the invention of the word smog.

Throughout history parents in China have hoped to have children during Dragon years. What famous people will be born in 2012, and how will they change the world? The year 1952 claims world leaders including Vladimir Putin and Lee Hsien Loong.  In the world of sport Jimmy Connors dominated the world of tennis and became one of the greatest players ever, while football coach Bill Belichick has struck fear into the hearts of opponents, winning four super bowls in the process. And, Craig Newmark, founder of Craig’s List, has revolutionized the world of advertising.  In fact Dragons dominate the world of business. CEOs born in 1952 have run Coca Cola, Exxon-Mobil, Alberto-Culver, Time Warner, Colgate- Palmolive, Viacom, UPS, Radio Shack, Clorox, Tiffany & Company, Hershey, ITT, Macy’s, Xerox and Walgreens to name a few.

Of course not everyone can grow up to be President of Singapore or CEO of Coca Cola. The Dragon, however, is a reminder everyone has dreams, and that the time to pursue them is now. Some may be as ridiculous as those of Don Quixote, comic hero of the famous Spanish novel. Others may change the world, or at least your life. Now is thus the time to take a chance, to reach for the proverbial brass ring, to not only dream but act on that impossible dream. The Dragon gives you the best chance to make it come true.

A word about timing. The Dragon is associated with Spring. This means you need to get off to a fast start in 2012 as things are going to happen early in the year. Hopefully you used some of the quiet time last year to plan. When the train leaves the station, you want to be on it! Good luck and opportunities to make money could come very soon after lunar New Year or Tet.
The Dragon is not, however, just about money. There will also be fireworks when it comes to love and romance. New love can blossom or an old one rekindle on the spur of the moment. It is relevant here to note the Dragon is closely associated with festivals and celebrations, as exemplified by its status as the star of New Year’s parades. That makes 2012 the perfect year for engagements, weddings and baptisms.

A word of caution. The Dragon is after all a mythical beast. And, after the parade is over, the Dragon is put away for the next occasion. It thus suggests happenings of a transitory nature. So enjoy that new love, but understand it is more than likely just to be a fleeting romance.

So far it’s been all about the Dragon. The fact that 2012 is a Water year is extremely important and demands consideration. That’s because Water nourishes the Dragon’s fixed element, Wood, giving this Dragon a big advantage over the rest of the breed when it comes to bringing good luck. The same holds true for accomplishment. This Dragon is actually going to realize some of those big dreams!

There is an even greater reason to rejoice. Ever since 1996 the year element has been in a destructive relationship with the fixed element of the animal sign. That is the longest unfavorable period in the 60 year cycle of Chinese Astrology, and that means a scarcity of good luck. The year 2012 is thus blessed not only by the lucky Dragon but also the end of that destructive cycle.

Furthermore, under the influence of the Dragon it is a yang year. Yang Water is like a flowing river rather than a stagnant lake. Things will move, ideas flow, creativity abound, economies boom, and love blossom in this environment. It is likely to be an exciting year indeed. Since this is a Water year, those people born in a Wood one will generally fare better than others of their animal sign, while those born in a Fire one are likely to do worse.  It’s also slightly negative for those born in an Earth year and mildly positive for Metal sign people. Finally, those born in a Water year will be in their element and do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Dragon.

Regardless of your sign, there will be significant upheavals in 2012. Soaring stock markets, natural disasters, and noteworthy, cultural and political developments will be more the norm than the exception. There will be celebrations of all kinds. And, good luck will be coming your way. Are you ready to fly with the Dragon?!

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