1. Since the July 2012 diagnosis of my wife (only 49 yrs old at the time)with stage 4 breast cancer w mets to bones, I’ve immersed myself in the world of alternative approaches to recovery. She’s been unwilling to my great dismay to try the alt approaches. There is great promise in alt treatments, but the successes to date are a bit overstated. Due in large part to govt repression of alt, there is much not yet known about how to treat cancer. At this point in time, a cancer patient considering treatment should be aware that conventional treatment may temporarily halt your cancer, but it will destroy your health in the long term, perhaps sooner. And the odds are that alternative treatment will not cure your cancer, but your odds are still much, much better with alternative treatment. There is a growing body of information about alternative treatments for cancer, but it is overwhelming in volume for most lay researchers.

  2. Edna Williams

    This philosophy sounds as though it has some merit, however, financially speaking, it would seem that it is financially out of reach for the average person. Still, I think there are some principles and methods that can be utilized without great fiscal hardship that could be beneficial. Just like everything else, if it’s good for you, it’s more expensive.

  3. trishden

    I bought the Gerson Therapy book. I don’t have cancer but chronic illness. One thing I haven’t tried yet are the organic coffee enemas. Just not something I want to do, However if my illness gets worse, I may try them. I do know that after 20 years of trying to get well, I have about zero faith in conventional, political medicine.

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