The Erin Brockovich Water Filter

AquaTru Announces Partnership With Erin Brockovich

AquaTru LLC, the company behind the revolutionary AquaTru countertop reverse osmosis water purification system, is thrilled to announce a partnership with world-renowned clean water activist, Erin Brockovich. Erin will serve as both a brand ambassador and spokesperson.   AquaTru is the first product that Erin has ever endorsed and the only water purifier she has ever recommended.

Erin Brockovich became a worldwide household name when her life story became the subject of the Oscar-winning film, Erin Brockovich.  The film centered on her work seeking justice for the people harmed by tap water contamination in Hinkley, California. Since then, Erin has been a tireless advocate for those adversely impacted by contaminated water, air, and land, and has become a trusted consumer advocate.

“Scientists have known about the superiority of reverse osmosis purification for decades, but until now the price of a home system has been cost-prohibitive for most families,” says Brockovich. “AquaTru has developed an affordable reverse osmosis water purification system that finally and effectively brings pure, great tasting drinking water to everyone.”  

AquaTru’s 4-stage reverse osmosis system is certified to remove 15 times more contaminants than the leading pitcher water filters.  According to Peter Spiegel, the CEO and Inventor of AquaTru, “AquaTru is the first and only countertop water purifier that works right out of the box that is certified to turn tap water into bottled-quality water at a fraction of the price and with minimal environmental impact. We’re pleased to be working with Erin Brockovich and proud to know that AquaTru is a product she truly believes in and has in her own home.”

Clean drinking water should not be a luxury. Erin Brockovich and AquaTru hope to assure Americans across the nation that the water they are giving their families is clean, pure and available at a price they can afford.

About Erin Brockovich 
Consumer advocate and clean water activist Erin Brockovich was born in Kansas in 1960. While working as a file clerk at a Los Angeles law firm in 1992, Brockovich uncovered documents that ultimately led to more than 600 residents of Hinkley, California, filing a lawsuit against utility giant PG&E. The $333 million settlement they received is the largest of its kind in the history of the United States. The story of Brockovich’s life and involvement in the case was the subject of the 2000 film Erin Brockovich. Since the film’s release, Erin Brockovich has continued to work as a tireless fighter for the health and welfare of people around the globe. Knopf Doubleday is set to publish new book by Erin that examines the deepening global drinking water crisis and the impact of climate change.  

About AquaTru
Clean drinking water is a global problem.  Bottled water is costly and plastic waste is an environmental nightmare.  Current water filters are either ineffective or complicated, expensive and waste too much water. AquaTru’s mission is to become a global leader in water filtration, ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to affordable and safe drinking water.  Our AquaTru water purifier, which was launched in 2016, is the first and only certified reverse osmosis water purifier that sits on your countertop!  It’s the same reverse osmosis technology used by major bottled water brands – re-engineered and patented for easy, affordable, home use.   For more information, visit