My Name Is Water – Water Underground Project

Today, being a Sunday, I was being lazy and trying to find something good to watch on one of my many movie channels. While searching, I found a movie called “My name is water”. It truly touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes and I am inspired to share it here with you all. Please take the time to watch it. At the end of the film you can learn how you can help.

A directionless college student has his blasé lifestyle challenged by his Holocaust surviving Grandfather. Jaded and rudderless, he embarks on a journey of self discovery, searching for purpose in every corner of the globe. After many pitfalls and detours he ascertains that a life well spent is a life spent for others. 

Beautifully directed by Justin Arana, this illuminating documentary shines a more personal light on an issue that effects the majority of people in the world.


Simply put, Access to safe and reliable water is not a reality for 663 million people. Access to reliable, clean water doesn’t just sustain life,it is the key that opens the door to health, education, income, agriculture, empowerment and dignity.

Learn how water traps millions of people in poverty – and why water under ground project work focuses not simply on gaining access to this precious liquid, but how we use it to transform lives.
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