Does Multipure remove lead from tap water?

Are you concerned about lead in your drinking water? Multipure provides NSF certified water filter systems that help remove lead from your water.

What Is Lead?

Lead is a metallic element that can make its way into groundwater when that water is contaminated by metallurgical or industrial waste. Lead can also make its way into drinking water when the lead solder that connects copper pipes in your plumbing system corrodes.

How Does Multipure Protect You From Lead?

Activated carbon filtration is known to reduce lead concentrations in water. Multipure’s solid carbon block filters use a combination of mechanisms including mechanical filtration, physiochemical adsorption, and electtrokinetic adsorption to reduce the presence of lead, as well as other contaminants like asbestos, cysts, particulates, mercury, PCBs, radon, toxaphine, and chlorine.

Multipure’s Aqualuxe, Aquaperform, and Aquaversa drinking water systems are NSF-certified according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetic Effects)53 (Health Effects), and 401 (Emerging Contaminants) for the reduction of dozens of contaminants. NSF Certification is a very high standard of quality, so you can be confident that our filters do exactly what we say they do.

Why Do I Need to Remove Lead From My Water?

Lead is an enormously toxic chemical that can damage your brain, nervous system, and kidneys. Lead exposure in children can lead to permanent brain damage and learning disabilities. And although the allowable lead level in drinking water is 0.05 mg/L, the ideal drinking water should be lead-free.

Order Your Water Filtration System Now

If you are interested in a system to protect your drinking water from lead or other contaminants, please contact your local Multipure Independent Builder for more information.

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