5 Ways To Save Money And The Planet At The Same Time

5 Ways To Save Money And The Planet At The Same Time

savemoneyCan you imagine what would happen if we all turned around one day and started looking after the environment? Maybe we would have a great planet to hand over to our children, but you know that is not going to happen. We’re going to keep abusing the earth until it’s too late. Future generations won’t even want it. They will probably jump in their spaceship and go to live somewhere else.

Why don’t you ignore what everyone else is doing and start saving more energy at home. It probably won’t make much difference to the planet, but at least you will do doing something and you’ll also save a little money while you’re at it. There are some things you can do that will make the biggest difference and we can look at them now. Start implementing them and see how much money you end up saving.

Keeping the heat inside

I know it’s nearly summertime and the sun is coming back, but what do you do in winter when you want to stay warm? You obviously wear a lot of clothes because it stops the heat from getting out and the cold air from getting in. This is what your home should be like, but instead of clothes it uses insulation. If you don’t have the walls and attic insulated it might be a good idea to get them done now and you will save money in the future.

Lower the heat

If you were to inspect one hundred water heaters you would realize that a lot of them were too high. Is yours one of them? If the water heater is sitting at around 140F it’s too high. It only needs to be at around 125F, but don’t let it go below 120F. If you’re going to adjust it you should follow the correct instructions because you don’t want to mess up. You will also need to check the hottest temperature coming from your faucets because sometimes the dial is not accurate and you don’t want the water to be too cold.

Reach for the stars

You will eventually need to buy new appliances when your old ones start to fall apart and I’d suggest buying Energy Star ones even though they might be a little more expensive. The reason why they might cost more is because they are better and they will save your energy in the long-run. Bigger appliances like a refrigerator can use up a ton of energy over the year, so anything you can do to reduce this number is a good thing.

Generate your own electricity

You don’t need to rely on big energy companies to produce your energy. Would you like energy from the wind or the sun? Maybe you could speak with a professional who lives in your area and they should be able to help you decide which option is best for you. Solar panels are becoming really popular at the moment and you’ve maybe seen them sitting on the top of roofs in your neighborhood. Any option you choose will be a little expensive in the beginning, but you will eventually make it all back.

Light bulb solution

I know you hate when you flick a switch on and realize your light bulb has blown because it must happen all the time. The reason your light bulbs don’t last long is because they are well out-of-date. The best light bulbs you can use today are compact florescent lights because they last a lot longer and use up much less energy. At least you won’t have to constantly climb onto chairs to replace your bulbs any longer.

Mona Blaise is an employee of Magneto Store which is a well recognized LEDMart. When she is not busy attending to customers at work, she likes to indulge in writing and painting.