About Multipure Corporation

Multipure® International is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of compressed solid carbon block filters. From its corporate headquarters located in the Las Vegas Technology Center in Nevada, Multipure oversees the manufacture and worldwide distribution of its Solid Carbon Block filters and drinking water treatment devices.

Multipure is a company whose drinking water systems are known around the globe for their ability to treat many contaminants of health concern in drinking water. Applying technological experience gained since the company’s inception in the year the first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States, Multipure successfully develops innovative, industry-leading solutions to new contamination problems. The company’s conscientious, experienced staff has high standards and is dedicated to meeting the needs of all of its customers around the world.

Multipure was founded in December, 1970 with the goal to become the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water treatment devices that reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern, and provide the peoples of the world with the best quality drinking water available at an affordable price. Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filter technology has been widely accepted andused by hospitals, major universities and schools, laboratories, restaurants, the US Military, foreign embassies, major airlines, and more than three million consumers.

Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filters are considered to be the most effective  method for reducing a broad spectrum of contaminants of health concern, such as  Arsenic V, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, disinfection by-products, heavy  metals, cysts, asbestos, particulates, chloramine and chlorine. The performance  and effectiveness of Multipure® Drinking Water Systems are documented and  certified through rigorous testing conducted by NSF International (www.nsf.org) under NSF/ANSI Standard  42, Aesthetics, as well as NSF/ANSI Standard 53, Health Effects.

Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filters are compacted into a  dense structure causing every molecule of water to be forced through microscopic  pores of carbon, thus effectively reducing a wide range of pollutants. Some  additional advantages of the Solid Carbon Block filter are that it does not  waste water, there is no electricity required, it does not remove essential  trace minerals that are beneficial to good health, and it does not add salt or  silver to the water. The filter media combines mechanical filtration,  electrokinetic adsorption and physical adsorption to provide the most efficient  contaminant removal possible.

The outstanding  performance of Multipure’s filters and Drinking Water Systems gives its products  a distinct edge over competitive products. The proprietary Multipure® Solid Carbon Block technology offers superior  effectiveness in reducing contaminants of health concern, and its products have  been tested and certified byNSF International for the reduction ofthe widest  range of contaminants. Multipure’s goal is to produce the highest quality  filters and water treatment devices that will solve the most common drinking  water problems for customers throughout the world.

Multipure has the organization and ability to respond quickly and effectively  to specialized customer requirements. A true measure of performance is the  number of long-lasting customer relationships the company has built over the  years. Multipure continuously seeks opportunities in the drinking water  treatment industry and in complementary industries where innovative applications  of Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filter technology can solve consumers’ drinking water problems.

Today, Multipure International is a  custom contract manufacturer of drinking water systems and offers a diverse line of  drinking water systems and Solid Carbon Block filters designed for specific  residential and commercial point-of-use and point-of-entry applications. In  addition, Multipure’s  growth in recent years, and Multipure® Drinking Water Systems are now sold in  more than eighty (80) countries.

Multipure’s corporate, sales, research and development, assembly and  manufacturing facilities are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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