Bottled Water Versus Filtered Water – Which Is The Best Option?

Bottled Water Versus Filtered Water – Which Is the Best Option?

bottledvstapWater is something that everyone needs to consume in order to stay healthy and happy. Seeing to it that you get your doctor-recommended eight glasses of water per day keeps your metabolism high, your mental processes sharp, and your skin in good condition. It’s a great way to beat the heat and stay refreshed, too!

However, consuming enough water is only part of the battle. The other part lies in making sure that you choose water of the best quality in order to make sure you reap all the possible benefits. The most popular options today are definitely bottled water and filtered water for the way they offer a purer alternative to ordinary tap water… but which is the better choice?

Water Quality

Although both bottled water and filtered water options offer water of terrific quality, filtered options are generally considered by health experts to have the edge. Today’s water filtration technology is capable of removing even the most difficult contaminants from your water supply, so you can feel comfortable trusting your family’s health to it.

Plus, you’re the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling the purity level of your water when you choose filtration. You can even combine more than one filtration option to improve water quality even further. Although bottled water is still very healthy and clean, you’re pretty much stuck leaving the quality control to the water company. Also, as is the case with any pre-packaged product, bottled water comes attached to the potential for contamination before it gets to you.

Cost Effectiveness and Environmental Friendliness

We’re living in a day and age when we naturally want to save as much money as possible. That said, cost effectiveness is a big perk when it comes to your water. Water filtration systems are generally a lot cheaper overall than bottled water options. In fact, you and your family can easily enjoy hundreds of glasses of the purest water for mere pennies on the dollar.

Plus, filtration options are a lot better from an environmental friendliness standpoint. There aren’t any containers to worry about recycling or returning to a distribution center. A bare minimum of waste and reuse is created. Filters are an option that you can just feel all-around good about if you’re looking for ways to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.


Last but definitely not least, there’s the convenience factor to consider. Although picking up the occasional bottled water to enjoy on the go is fine, it quite simply doesn’t get any more convenient than built-in water filter systems that make it possible to purify and get the most out of the very tap water that comes out of your own faucets. In fact, most families wind up wondering what took them so long to install one once they experience the difference for themselves.

At the end of the day water filters are the number one way to get an ample supply of clean, pure, healthy water into your life. Give them a try for yourself today!

Written by Jacques Lobato.