Brita Water Filter vs. Multi-Pure Analysis

Brita’s Aquaview
 In 2009, a comparison/analysis was conducted for Engr308 Technology and the Environment at Humboldt State University by students Bryan Thomson, Dana Martin, Kristi Morton and Kristy Method. The class project’s goal was to determine which drinking water system is the best for Arcata, Humboldt County, California residents, or anyone else, who wants to make the least impact on their wallet and the environment while receiving the healthiest water possible.
Multi-Pure’s Aqua Dome

Their project compares water filtration systems by Multi-Pure and Brita. They compared the two types of water filtration systems on financial cost, CO2 released in transport and contaminants released into a person. Brita and Multi-Pure filtering systems both offer similar technology to filter the water, but what does it take for those filters to make it to a consumer’s home?
Brita provided basic information, through a phone interview, on where and how their filtering system is produced and shipped. The project also considered what the filter is made of, how many gallons it filters before replacement is recommended; and any other relevant information. Multi-Pure provided similar data and information about its product as Brita, yet more personal and in depth and offered additional insight that Brita wouldn’t comment on.

The results they found are fairly conclusive. Multi-Pure® is the preferred choice. You can read their detailed analysis on Appropedia at


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