Cities With The Worst Water Quality

Cities With The Worst Water Quality

faucetHaving a clean drinking supply is important. There are many places around the world that has contaminated water. This causes immense problems, including the spread of diseases. Even here in the United States, some cities have awful water for drinking.

Although these cities don’t even compare to some other places in the world, it is important to be aware of the damage this water can bring. Those who are visiting, or live in these areas should consider investing in a water filter, or buy bottled water.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville sits on the northeast coast of Florida, and is the largest city in the state. Unfortunately, it is home to some of the worst water in the country. The water and sewer systems here have been operated since 1880. The company is merged with the electric company of the city as well. There are 35 water treatment plants for this water supply, but that doesn’t seem to be doing enough.

There have been 23 toxic chemicals found in the water supply, way more than is healthy for anybody to consume. The most common chemicals found in the water supply were byproducts of cleaning supplies. The EPA marked the levels illegal. There were even chemicals such as arsenic in the water.

San Diego, California

The San Diego Water Department has dangerous chemicals residing in their water supplies. San Diego is the eighth largest city in the country, and has some of the worst water around. It is located directly on the Pacific in Southern California.

There have been 20 contaminants found in the water supply here. Multiple chemicals have exceeded health guidelines, and the EPA’s legal limits. Because of this, it is important to be aware while here. Don’t drink any water directly from the tap. One of the worst chemicals found in San Diego’s water is manganese, which is a byproduct of industrial manufacturing and can be deadly.

Houston, Texas

It seems as though all the worst water comes from the largest cities in the county. Houston is the fourth largest, and has some of the worst problems. The 22,083 water quality tests conducted between 2004 and 2007 came back with some shocking results.

With 18 chemicals that exceeded both the federal and state health guidelines, the water in Houston is not as safe as it should be. There were 46 pollutants found in the water, an alarming number especially considering the national average is only four. The water contains radiation, and various other byproducts.

Pensacola, Florida

Out of all the cities in the United States, Pensacola had the worst water imaginable. This is one of the major cities in Florida, and has had water problems for years. There are 101 chemicals that are tested for every year. For over five years, 45 of these were discovered in the water system.

Out of these 45, 21 were proved to be present in unhealthy amounts. The worst include radium, trichloroethylene, alpha particles, cyanide, and lead. These elements combine make this water dangerous for anyone to drink.

Be aware of the water you are drinking. Find out how safe your city’s water is. If harsh chemicals have been found, invest in a filter, or consider drinking spring water. This will save you from the worst of the toxic chemicals.

Cassie Costner writes on clean water, and the steps that need to be taken to prevent contamination in the drinking supply. She also writes maintenance tips, such as unclogging the drain, emptying the hot water heater, and water softener repair.