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Tell EPA to Clean Up Natural Gas Drilling!
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Take Action

Every year, the oil and gas industry drills and fracks more than 25,000 wells across the country. While you are reading this, the oil and gas industry is taking advantage of loopholes that allow them to pollute with little regard to surrounding communities.

We must change this.

Fracking is when a mixture of water, chemicals, and sand is pumped into a well at high pressure to fracture rock and allows natural gas to escape. Each new well contributes to the millions of tons of harmful pollutants spewed into the air from the oil and gas industry. In Dallas/Fort Worth, for example, pollution from oil and natural gas fields is worse than the exhaust of all the cars in some of our biggest cities.

Right now, the EPA is considering stronger protections that would drastically reduce air pollution from this under-regulated industry. Without your input, these new standards will not be strong enough to fully curb harmful oil and gas pollution.

Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson that you want the strongest air pollution standards for oil and natural gas drilling.

You can believe the oil and gas industry is putting profits before people and doing everything in their power to oppose these pollution standards. Don’t allow oil and natural gas drilling to jeopardize the public health of communities across the country. Tell EPA to create the strongest air pollution standards possible for natural gas drilling.

P.S. The EPA needs to hear from as many people as possible. Please forward this to friends and family.