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Multipure De-Chlorinating shower filter

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How much chlorine is in your tap water?

Kenton Jones from Multipure takes us on a demonstration with OTO, a swimming pool chemical that measures chlorine in water. Check out this awesome demonstration on dry foods such as pasta, jasmine rice and pinto beans when added to chlorinated water. OTO can be purchased at any pool suppy store. Do the following tests and see what happens for yourself.

Better, Healthier Shower.

Scientists Consider Chlorine One of the Most Toxic Elements Found in Nature. Yet you come in contact with it everyday…

Chlorine is an
substance that chemically bonds to the protein in our hair and skin, destroying its natural ecological balance. It’s fine for removing stains in your laundry.However, chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle and make your skin flaky and itchy. It can also trigger negative reactions in children, the elderly, and people with chlorine-sensitivity.Studies have shown that for health reasons it is best to reduce chlorine in drinking water. Why not do the same with our showering water.

You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life, not just the drinking water. Our Multipure dechlorinating shower filter provides a long lasting solution to the problems associated with exposure to excessive amounts of chlorine. Its specially-formulated KDF filter media effectively reduces 90% or more of chlorine from shower water. Once in contact with the KDF, chlorine in the water converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride.

Because of this superior chlorine reduction, you will see changes in the way your hair and skin feel including…

  • healthier, younger-looking skin
  • softer, more manageable hair
  • relief from dry skin and scalp
  • less fading on color-treated hair
The shower filter may be purchased with a high quality shower
head directly through Multi-Pure. Or you may use any good quality showerhead or
a hand held unit. Please use only a low flow showerhead manufactured since

The Multi-Pure Shower Filter includes Crystalline Quartz
technology in its media for an energized shower experience.
These specially-cured crystals act upon the water to create a softer, more
energized shower “feel” and improve both lathering and sudsing.

Multipure’s Shower Filter is specifically engineered for efficiency and performance. Its unique filter design provides the best shower experience available for you and your family.

Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association
according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the Reduction of Free

Installs in minutes! No special tools or professional help

Unique filter design provides the best shower experience
available for you and your family

Click here to review owner’smanual

Click here to download the Shower Filter Brochure(BR380)

The Multipure shower filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for reduction of free available chlorine. The concentration of free available chlorine in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 177. Multipure offers a number of shower heads for the shower filter. These are water delivery mechanisms only. They are not performance tested or certified by WQA. Only the filters are certified.

Rated Capacity: 25,000 gallons

Multipure Corporation warrants to the original retail customer its shower filter and components to be free of defects in material and workmanship for use under normal care, and will repair or replace any device at no charge, excluding transportation to Multipure headquarters, to the customer during the warranty period. The Shower Filter Housing is warranted for a period of twelve (12) months.

Multipure Filters are warranted for defects in material and workmanship for use under normal care. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends upon the amount of chlorine and particulates in the water to be processed. For optimum performance, it is essential that the filter cartridge (Model No. SFFI) be replaced approximately every 6 to 7 months.

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