Green Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2013

Green Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2013

kitchen-remodelingThe kitchen is a hot spot in most homes. This is where you and your family gather to prepare meals together. Many times this is the room you spend the first part of the morning in sipping on you coffee or orange juice. That is why it is very important to keep your kitchen updated. If you are thinking about doing some kitchen remodeling then you should consider remodeling towards a more Eco-friendly kitchen. There are many things, large and small, that you can do to turn your kitchen green.

Energy Efficient Appliances
There are several ways to ensure you are using energy efficient appliances. One common way this is done is by using a freezer/fridge stack unit instead of the side-by-side design. Side by side refrigerators use more energy cooling then the stacked refrigerators.
Also strategically placing your appliances in your newly remodeled kitchen can save energy. Try to place the refrigerator out of direct sunlight by placing it away from windows and skylights. When placed in direct sunlight the refrigerator will have to work harder to keep cool, using more energy in the process. You can also save energy by placing the stove in direct sunlight. The extra heat provided by the sun will make the stove’s job easier, allowing it to use less energy.
Remember to look for Energy Star certified appliances when shopping. Appliances with this certification have been tested and proven to use less energy and still perform at peak efficiency.

Efficient Lighting
The lighting in your kitchen is very important. Without clear visibility you may not be able to prepare the best meals. A few ways to maintain good visibility and go green include using natural lighting and energy saving light bulbs. To take advantage of natural light you could enlarge or add an extra window to your kitchen. If this is not possible you can remove blinds or hang sheer curtains. Adding a skylight to your kitchen is a great way to increase the natural lighting.
Florescent light bulbs have proven to use up to 50% less energy than standard light bulbs. Searching for the Energy Star certified logo when buying light bulbs could take some of the guesswork out of hunting for Eco-friendly lighting.

Perhaps one of the first things you can do when kitchen remodeling is to add a recycling bin or station to your kitchen. Sometimes a single bin can be used for recycling, but you can also get creative with it. Try finding a four or five sectioned trash bin or storage bin. Label each section for a different type of recycling. For example mark one for organic, paper, plastic and glass. This will help your family and guests know where to place their trash and you have taken yet another wonderful step to reducing your carbon footprint.
Going green is not just a fad that is going to pass in time. It is a real way to help protect the environment for the future of all. The best part about becoming Eco-friendly is that you do not have to give up a nice kitchen remodeling. While undertaking a green remodeling job may take a little more effort and thought in the end it provides a feeling of self-satisfaction.

Steve Zitman, Founder and CEO of Unique Builders & Developement Inc. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the home remodeling and custom home building industries, and has a growing list of delighted clients numbering in the several thousands.