How To Get Alkaline Water Without Spending Thousands On An Expensive Ionizer Machine

How To Get Alkaline Water Without Spending Thousands On An Expensive Ionizer Machine

The controversy surrounding alkaline water verses non-alkaline water has caused alot of confusion over the internet. Many people believe that the higher ph of the water, the better for you to drink.

According to, Alkaline water is water that is neither acidic nor neutral on the pH scale. It is on the alkaline side of the scale. Some believe the benefits of alkaline water are nearly immeasurable — that it is vital for consistent and continued health. Others say the research on alkaline water is far from conclusive.

Alkaline water, or ionized water as it is also referred to, has a pH of approximately 8, depending on the brand or the equipment used to alkalize the water. Normal water has a neutral pH, which is the number 7 on the scale. Water, depending on its source, also has the potential to be slightly acidic.

Alkaline water is said to be of benefit to people’s health because it helps neutralize the chemical imbalances of the body, which some believe tend to run too acidic. Further, proponents note that many common foods are also acidic, further upsetting the balance. It is claimed to aid in the treatment of asthma, help hydrate better between cells, help heartburn, reduce indigestion and aid with many other ailments.

Alkaline water can be obtained from a number of different sources. Most commonly, an alkalizer is added to a tap water system, such as a kitchen sink. From there, it can be used for both drinking and cooking. The other alternative is to buy bottled alkaline water. While this may be the more expensive option over time, it is a simple way to get the product quickly.

Some believe that the stated health benefits of alkaline water are overstated, and that it has little to do with stabilizing or reducing acidity in the body. In fact, some argue the stated health benefits are simply a fabrication of those in the industry and are doubtful at best. In short, they are only mentioned in order to make money.

There are a number of reasons why the health benefits of ionized water may be overstated, according to certain scientists. Some chemists say water is not conductive enough to go through any significant ionization. Also, alkaline water has no benefit once it hits the stomach because of the acids in the stomach, it is argued. For those wishing to neutralize stomach acid, it is easier to use one of the many products available on the market such as acid reducers in pill or liquid form.

The decision to use or not use an alkaline water product is a personal decision. The arguments presented here are simply meant to provide both sides of a debate that is continuing. In the end, like any consumer food or drink choice, personal preference may be more pivotal than the scientific consensus“.

With that being said,  It can’t hurt to drink alkaline water. If you are so inclined to, and believe that it can be beneficial for you, why not give it a try!? However, If you can not afford one of those expensive machines out on the market these days, I have an alternative solution for you.

Recently I decided to search for an alternative way to get alkaline water and was introduced to the Cerra Water Filter. I was impressed with this ionizer for several reasons.
1. It does not cost thousands of dollars,

2. It is not electric so you dont need to plug it in and waste electricity.

3. It is NSF certified.

4. It is convenient and can be put right into your fridge.

5. Cerra Pitcher produces the same alkaline water that the expensive machines do for a fraction of the cost of $179.95.

6. Cerra Water pitchers are made eco- friendly, from the  packaging to the materials you find in the product. Utilizing water pitchers can save massive amounts of plastic from water bottles being wasted.

For all these reasons I decided to purchase a Cerra Filter and put it to the test. The following are my results. (I used Multipure filtered tap water for the source water).

The Cerra Water Pitcher And Multipure Aquadome Filter

Next, I tested the filtered tap water and the alkaline water with the ph testing drops that come with the Cerra Pitcher. (Plain tap water or filtered tap water will both have a neutral ph).

Alkaline test with tap water and the Cerra alkaline pitcher water

The ph test shows that the filtered tap water on the right has a neutral ph of around 7.5 whereas the Cerra water on the left has a ph of 8.5 – 9. The higher the ph, the more alkaline the water is.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to get ionized, alkaline water without spending thousands of dollars, give the Cerra Water Pitcher a try.


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