Multi-Pure Corporation To Release New Products and New Look



Multi-Pure Corporation, the leading innovator in water filter technology is getting a make-over. Multi-Pure started its family operation in 1970 and since then has been always been ahead of the competition in terms of products that out perform other drinking water filtration devices available on the market.

The Rice brothers, Alvin & H. Allen have literally built their company up from a meager beginning out of their garage, and had a dream that has become a reality.  Multi-pure now employees over 200 people at the headquarters office in Las Vegas Nevada, has thousands of independent distributor across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and have millions of customers across the globe & over 30 offices in other countries.

This past April, Multi-Pure Corporation celebrated  its 40th anniversary. Along with the anniversary, Multi-Pure brought on a new marketing team to vamp up and give the company a much needed makeover. The new team headed by Regina Noriega has been diligently at work putting together a new design, packaging, product line, website, videos and much more and will be releasing and introducing the new look in February.

Multi-Pure has announced its first annual “Pure” Convention taking place in February of 2012. The convention being held at Planet Hollywood hotel and casino in Las Vegas will be the culmination and release of several new products, and introduction to the new and better Multi-Pure.

New Products

Some of the new products that we have been privy to learn about are a new portable filtered water bottle called the “Wriggle”. The wriggle has been NSF certified to reduce more contaminants than any other filter water bottle on the market. We can’t give you any more information about it until its release date, but I guarantee it will surpass any other product out there. Keep in mind that Multi-Pure is the innovator in product technology and invention with products that out-perform all others in terms of contaminant reduction, quality and guarantee.

Another product that will be released is called the “Aquagrow”. With the new Aquagrow garden filter, Multi-Pure provides the benefits of cleaner, more healthful water to your yard and garden. By connecting the Aquagrow in-line filter to your existing garden hose, you can provide your lawn, garden and and other outdoor plant life with filtered water. The Aquagrow reduces chlorine which can impair the growth and health of your plants, leaving only cleaner, more healthful water that plants need to truly thrive. Get a “Sneak Peek” at the new products and look in the video below.

Also in the works is a newly designed whole house filtration system and a point of use fluoride filter which will not be released until a later date, but you can be assured these products will be top of the line, highest quality and best contaminant performing filtration systems available that Multi-Pure is known for. (check back later for more info on these products).

New Brand Enhancements

For over 40 years the Multi-Pure name and icon have been signified by the “screen-and-water-drop.” The symbol and logo that identify this company with water filtration. Over the years, Multi-Pure has grown to mean more than just water filtration. To reflect the new, modern Multi-Pure, the company is changing its logo to a “pure water drop and ripples.” Likewise, the brand name is changing with the logo, from “Multi-Pure” and now becomes “Multipure”.

Multi-Pure products and marketing will receive a packaging and branding overhaul as well. The products will also have  newer, more consumer-friendly names and fresher, more dynamic packaging.

New Distributor Tools

Multi-Pure’s new distributor tools include an array of Multi-Pure branded items such as business cards, binders, folders, envelopes, note pads and more. Also the distributor websites will be getting a makeover, a completely re-designed back-office where distributors can easily access, organize and analyze their customer orders, their network and achievements.

Multi-Pure will also be releasing new starter kits designed to provide new distributors with the right information to begin their business as quickly and smoothly as possible. The new kits will provide encouragement, business tips, tools, compensation information and an overview of both current and new Multi-Pure products. In addition, the Multi-Pure starter kit will include the new wriggle portable filtered water bottle available only through Multi-Pure independent distributors.

An Event Like No Other

To learn more about Multi-Pure’s new and exciting changes, we invite you to join us in Las Vegas for the first Annual Convention! Multi-Pure has NEVER had an event quite like this! This is the next generation Multi-Pure, and the Pure Convention is your chance to learn about the innovative new products and energizing brand enhancements coming to you! The Pure Convention is your chance to gain the knowledge and techniques to evolve your business and take it from ordinary to extraordinary! The Pure convention will be held in spectacular Las Vegas Nevada from Thursday, February 23, 1012, through Sunday, February 26, 2012.

New products to keep up with the changing needs for clean, eco-friendly safe water solutions. New tools, and a whole new attitude. The Pure Convention, will cover in much more detail the look and feel of things to come. Join the New MulitPure. The Pure Convention is a celebration of Multi-Pure’s past and an exciting glimpse into its future, as it unveils new plans, programs, and products as part of its bold rebranding initiative.

For more information about Multi-Pure products, click here.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Multi-Pure independent distributor, click here. If you are interested in attending this event, call Multi-Pure headquarters at 1-800-622-9206. Due to limited seating, for this event, pre-registration is required.