Multipure Customer Testimonials

Why do YOU use a Multi-Pure drinking water system? We asked some of our satisfied customers and here is what they had to say:

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help after my house burned down in 03.  My filter of course was the only thing that survived, and when you sent me the replacement rubber and filter, I was back in business.  It’s been perfect ever since and I appreciate your company! Angela- CA


Today some nearby construction broke through a water main and I just wanted to show you the difference Multi-Pure is making. It’s really a stunning difference. We’re so glad we have one! I want to add that this water was filtered through my 19-year-old Model 500! Mark Smith, NC

“Just wanted to say Thank you for the AWESOME customer service that Gabbie provided.  Also, thanks for the additional tip on the brass finished faucet; it’s perfect.  My husband had no problems installing our unit.  The water is the best we have tasted and our kitty loves the water as well.” Cynthia M. Kumar, CA

“We have been enjoying our Multi-Pure 880 for about 8 years without any problems or issues. The filter cleans water to a pristine clarity of flavor. We had used a well known brand of compressed carbon block for 10 years prior and noticed the longevity in taste after the first year. Changing the filter block is a breeze compared to most filters. We’ll continue to depend on Multi-Pure to give us great tasting and healthy drinking water.” Vern Batty, NM

“I have used my Multi-Pure water filter system for nearly 15 years, and I don’t know what I would do without it.  We all know the benefits of drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.  If you’re thinking about purchasing a water filtration system, you should definitely choose Multi-Pure.  Honestly, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” David Pozza, Ph.D. , Pennsylvania

“I live in Puerto Rico and have been a MultiPure Customer for over 5 years now. Its an excellent under the counter solution for my Family Water needs. Definitively one of me best investments, secure, easy to use and LOW maintenance. Thanks Multipure!” Samuel Diaz, Puerto Rico

“I’ve had my Multi-Pure filter system since 1983, the MP750 model, and I’ve used it on the counter top and under the sink.  I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the system and the cleanliness and purity of my water.  Several times I’ve lived where I had a well and septic, and the filter needed changing more than 1X a year, but I didn’t mind at all, I still had clean healthy water.  This system saved me lots of $$$ over the years and having to carry heavy jugs of water that may not be so clean anyway.  I will always own a Multi-Pure system!!  I also purchased the shower filter in 2008.  Where I moved to, the water has so many chemicals, it made my hair like straw and my skin sting.  I will never be without that filter either!! CC of South Hadley, MA

“I have been using the MultiPure Water Purification System for over 20 years, and have been extremely happy with it.  I am pleased with the way the system brings me peace of mind when it comes to purified water.  I have tried bottled water, and other water distribution systems such as Ozarka, however, ecomonically as well as quality-wise the MultiPure System has been the best purification system I have used thus far.  I always tell others what water purification system I use, and suggest they research it themselves.  Although, I have heard people say that you cannot really taste the difference between tap water and purified water, I always let them know there is a huge difference in taste when using the MultiPure System.  And with the problem of recycling & the enviroment, I truly believe I am doing my part by not adding to the landfills with the bottles from store-bought water. Thank you for your product!!!” Meh-Urit Ra, OK

“I have been using my multi-pure filter for almost ten years now. They work just as good now as they did the first day I hooked it up. The filters are easy to replace and the outside of the filter is east to keep clean. I have one that goes under the sink which looks nice in the kitchen with just the spiget to see. I also have one that hooks up the faucet and sets on the counter. That one is handy to take with me when I am at a hotel. I just take my attachments and I am good to go. I would recomend the multi-pure unit to anyone with an infant to keep the water clean for what ever you need. My filter is the best purchase I ever made. Thanks a bunch.” Kelin Packer, WA

“As you can no doubt tell from your records, I’ve been a customer (and pseudo-distributor) since about 1982. Everything I’ve purchased from Multi-pure has been satisfactory, and service has always been above average/execllent.” Anna O. Zacher, CA

“I have been using a multipure filter – the under the sink model – for close to 30 years.  I have a well supplying water to my home and using the multipure ensures that the water we drink/cook with is the purest it can be.  There is no need to buy and lug in bottled water when all I need to do is turn on the faucet which gives me pure, filtered water through the multipure system.  I love it and have no complaints at all.  It is the best solution for taking out the guesswork about wondering if your water is safe to drink.  We had a problem with lead in the groundwater here – using the multipure I had no worries.  Thank you for making a great product!” Cathy DeLuca

“I really love the ease and convenience of my Multi-Pure counter top model. I used to lug giant bottles from the water store but now I have a year’s worth of purified water for just pennies a gallon. I’m also hooked on the shower filter. I can really tell the difference on my skin with the chlorine removed from the water.”

David Richlin Multi-Pure user since 1994

“I have had my water purifier in my kitchen for about 5 years or more. I love it. I use the water for everything. I love to wash my hair with the water. It makes my hair shine. I wash my face with it. I have two cats and they will only drink the filter water. I won’t drink tap water. It’s nice you only have to put a filter in once a year. It’s affordable. Your service is very good. Thank you!” Phillippine Addington,CA

“I have never experienced good taste water like this. As I did not expected so much change, the taste of the water really changed.” Hiroki Murai, TX

“My hubby and I love our multi-pure water filtering system. We use it every day and fill our Kheen water bottles with it for fresh filtered water on the road for pennies. Much less waste in our landfills and Oceans! Ours is under the sink with a nice looking water spout above. We’ve had it for 20 yrs and love it.” Rosetta Bledsoe, CA

“Many years ago when everybody use to drink tap water without any problem something started to come up. A lot of pollution in the water that city water processors wouldn’t clean the water good enough. I started to look in my computer for some kind of filter that could filter my tap water that it will be safe to drink. That’s when I found the Multi-pure Water company. When they guaranteed that there filters will take 99.99% of the impurity that the tap water will have, I thought, this is what I need in my home. I ‘be been using this filters since then and I just can’t compare the taste and quality of this water to any bottle water in the stores. I recommend this filters 100%. They are the best there is.” Ovidio Elizondo ,TX

“The multipure product I purchased about 10 years ago was the best water filtration system purchase I ever made. This water filtration system is very efficient.I continue to rely in this product to this day to provide clean and safe drinking water to my family. Thanks!” Alex C, NY

“We’ve been ordering from you for eight years–since we moved into a house that already had a Mulipure filtering system.  We love the filtering system–the water tastes great.  We’re impressed with your service as we always receive our new filter within a few days of placing our order.” Tammy Bouska, MN

“Our filter system is several years old and is still working well. I appreciate the convenience of your online ordering, and helpful customer service when we needed some spare parts. When good tap water filtering systems like these are readily available, it makes a lot more sense than buying bottled water!” C.L.B., Minneapolis

“My brother-in-law gave my husband our Multi-Pure water filter two years ago as birthday present. We use the filtered water for all drinking and cooking needs not only because the water is more pure, but also because it tastes great. My husband and I are avid hikers and fill our environmentally safe water bottles to carry along on our hikes. We notice a big difference in water flavor when we have to drink from another source. Our pregnant daughter and husband just moved into an apartment in Los Angeles and we are going to give them a Multi-Pure water filter as a congratulation gift that will also help contribute to better health.” Gayle Yungman, AZ

“Easy to install filter under counter. The quality of drinking water has been changed dramactically to light, tasty, and purified water once the filter has been replaced.” Daniel Ku, CA

“We used to purchase bottled water.  It was convenient, it tasted much better than unfiltered tap water, and everyone else was buying it too.  We decided to make a switch to a multipure counter top filter and it was the best decision.  The water tastes great, its just as convenient as bottled water because I can fill my own bottles, its saves me money, and its much better for the environment.   It really is a good investment and even my non-green husband says it tastes much better. ” Erin Maurer, WA

“I am very happy with the quality of this product. I have this filter for more than 19 years of continuous use.” Juan Bigio, PR

“I have owned an under counter solid block water purifier from Multipure for over a year. This is a great product. If you are looking for the last water purifier you will ever own, buy this one. It is the highest quality and preforms perfectly. Pay the extra and get the best.” Andrew Lee, OH

“I’m very happy to be using a Multi-pure water filter–it’s really nice not having to worry about the cleanliness of the water my family is drinking.” Rex T. Elliott, MD

“I have loved my Multi-Pure for over 20 years.  Yes the same one! The only part I had to replace was the spout, and that was because I put in a new kitchen counter top, and the older style did not fit the increased thickness of the new marble counter. My Multi-Pure was given to me by my friend who researched the best water filter.  She upgraded her Multi-Pure to a larger size after she got married.  So, who knows how old my unit really is. Get one!” Loretta, AZ

“I have been a satisfied user of a Multipure under sink filter system since the eighties.  It has never failed me and I have never replaced anything but the filter.  The stainless construction is sturdy and made to last a lifetime.  The design is simple but effective.  Although my city has a good rating on water quality, Multipure gives me that extra peace of mind that I am providing the very best for my family.  Even with A+ ratings, the city often uses high levels of chlorine, especially during Summer, to sanitize away any bacterial buildup.  This is when the Multipure system earns its keep.  No smell, no dried out hands and no awful taste.  Thanks, Multipure, for almost three decades of flawless performance.  It’s the little things that we often overlook, like clean water from our facets, that have the most impact on our lives.” Happy User, David Duke, CA

“We have a multipure filter under our kitchen sink for pure drinking water.  We wouldn’t be without it.” Harley Muilenburg, CA

“We’ve been using the Multi-Pure system now for 3 years and its comforting to know that the water is clean and safe.” Rachel Lovitz

“We have been using the Multi- Pure Hard Carbon Filter for over 17 years.  We cook all our food with water from the Multi-Pure Filter.  I can express enough the quality of water we consume by filtering water with the Multi-Pure system. ” Terrence Biesiadecki, MI

“I bought a model 500 counter top unit about 17 years ago.  I’ve moved three times since then and its come along with me.  In all that time I’ve only had to replace the faucet adapter once.  And I still have people comment on the quality of my water and ask where I got the filter.” Maurice Karpman, MA

” I’m happy with your unit and that I order a replacement filter every year, I’m really happy with your product.” Liduvina Colon, PR

“Multi-Pure is the best system for my family.” Konstantinos Papathanasiou

“This is the ONLY water and location our kitten, Monkey, hydrates!

– Melody Jones, OR

“I’ve been using the Multipure Water System for five years now and I LOVE it!!! It provided crystal clear, clean tasting water and at a much lower cost than other systems I’ve looked at.  Plus, just change your filter annually – no need to be watching useage every month.  You’ll save so much money and help the environment by not using bottle after bottle!  Definitely be a great addition to my home and helped my family!” – Kristine, Boston MA

“As a mother of two who has been using the Multipure MP750SB for over a year now, I am so pleased to have chosen the Multipure brand of water filtration among its many competitors. I trust that the Multi-Pure filtered water I am giving my children is healthier for them and I feel many of the kids in my son’s school community would also benefit greatly from your product. ” Tracy Lee, CA

“My husband and I have had our multipure filture setup for 25 years.  The water here in Oceano, Ca. is rather hard, and does not taste very good, but the multipure makes it taste like water should.  We love it.” – Betty Kahn, CA

“Multipure has given me a new lease on life every day as I feel I can still give my body what God intended it to have, water in it’s natural state. Thank you so much Multi Pure.” Jay D. Brooks, PA

“How does one assess the effectiveness of a water filter? Aside from the sniff test to see if there’s a smell of chlorine, I have no way of making an evaluation. I go on reputation, and, as far as I know Multi-Pure has a good reputation. I’ve never heard anything to the contrary.
The quality of my filtered water over the several years that I’ve used the under-sink Multi-Pure unit has always seemed to be fine. I’m now switching to using a Multi-Pure filter on my wife’s shower because the price of the filter cartridges is a bit lower than the kind we’ve been buying at the local store, and, again, the quality of the filtering is something I’m assuming to be good based on reputation.” Jim Chadwick, OR

“I’ve actually had a Multipure water filter for years, and I really love it.  My water not only tastes delicious, but I am always confident that I am getting the best filtered water available through Multipure filters that are continually being improved.  I haven’t had one problem or breakdown with this filter as it is made well and built to last which means quality.  I highly recommend Multipure to anyone. ” Shelly Phyles, SC

“We have been using Multipure filters for more than 10 years now.  We have tried several kinds of filters and you have never failed us.  Here in the Philippines, we have lots of local and china-made filters but we cannot compromise our health and the satisfaction we get from drinking water that is clean and tastes sweet and natural- the way water should be. I am a very satisfied customer!” Diana Lee, CA

“We’ve had a mulitpure under the sink for many years (approximately 20 or so). We’ve never had a malfunction. We enjoy the clean tasting water our multipure filter provides us for drinking and cooking with. We’re considering installing a filter for the entire house.” Terry C, CA

“I bought the multipure water filter system because our family is temporarily living in Argentina and I was concerned about the possibility of chemical infiltration in the water system, particularly lead.    Having the multipure system has given me peace of mind that my children, (3 years and 8 months old) are drinking pure water which is so important for their health and development.   As a bonus,  the filter takes the awful cholrine taste!” – Pamela Orellano, WA

“I’ve owned the same Multi-Pure below-the-sink stainless steel water purifier for about 25 years. I purchased it because I have colitis and I contracted a parasite from our local water system. It was the best purchase I ever made. There aren’t many items you can purchase today that do what they are supposed to do and continue to do so year after year.” G. Peterson, CA

“I have been using a Multi – Pure water filter system for 6 years and I can not imagine to be without it. Just I love it for many reasons. I have all the time crystal clear quality water and very good taste; I do not use any more plastic bottled water and it is save for the environment; To replace the filter  is so easy to do. Thank you.” Z. Lazarova, CA

“I live in a home built in 1967 with the original plumbing and pipes.  We know that our water source is good, from the Bull Run, but in our home it was not tasting so great.  Several years ago I bought a Multi-pure water filter system and that has allowed us to delay replumbing the house.  Our water is so good that my friends always want to refill their water bottles at my home before they leave!  Some day I will have to replumb the house, but in the meantime I am assured that my family is getting the best water and it is pure and clean. Thanks for being such a great company.” Christy Middleton, OR

“We purchased the filter a few years ago.  We are on a well, and we have a whole house water filter/softener. My wife now refuses to drink, cook, wash fruit and vegetables etc. unless the water is coming out of the MultiPure filter.  It is good to know we have this barrier between us and “Bad stuff”. Although it seems like the filter and replacement cartridges are on the expensive side, when one does the math, it is not expensive at all.” Amnon Nissan, NC

“I have been using a Multi-Pure water filter for decades. It remains a constant and life-long friend. It gives me confidence that, even as the water ecosystem gets more and more polluted, I am drinking safe and uncontaminated water and doing what is best for my health.” Jayme Odgers, Los Angeles

“I bought my Multipure 500 20 years ago from a friend and find it works as well as it ever did. I travel a lot and take the Multipure with me when I plan to be somewhere for a lengthy stay.  I love that it doesn’t require electricity to run and the water tastes good.  Thank you for creating a wonderful, consistent, truly useful (and portable) product.” Corilee Sanders, OR

“We purchased our Multi-Pure filter system over 20 years ago and have had trouble-free service the entire time. We are concerned about the environment and are proud of carrying our delicious filtered water in a reusable bottle, rather than buying the throw away plastic bottles. And the water not only tastes much better, but is also much purer than what they sell at an outrageous price at the store. Thanks for making such a wonderful water filter system.” Rick Lewis, CA

“I chose Multi-Pure after months of researching which water filter is best.
What finally sold me on it was the fact that it is BOTH NSF and California certified, and that it uses what is commonly accepted as one of the best filtration methods: carbon block filtration.
While others may be cheaper, I wanted to get the most sure filtration system, certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and by the State of California Dept. of Public Health.
And on top of all that, it’s a snap to install!” – Michael White, CA

“I have owned a MPC500C counter Multipure system for over 10 years and purchased the kit to install it under the counter several years ago.  We love it and use it for drinking and cooking water all the time.  IT IS GREAT !!!

I have finally been convinced to “upgrade” the water we shower and bathe in and recently purchased the shower filter.  It was very easy to install and took more time cleaning the threads on the pipe coming out of the wall of the previously applied “plumbers dope” and plastic tape, than it did to remove the shower head, install the filter and then reinstall the shower head.  All told, I was able to accomplish it all in 5 to 10 minutes.  I had determined to wait a week of use before sending these comments.  However, it has only been 3 days and felt I must respond now as I do not think my opinion will change during the remainder of  the week.

I was not expecting an “effervescent” shower or  a “tingling” sensation during the shower and I did not get either one, BUT, THERE WAS A GREAT DIFFERENCE IN THE FEEL AFTER MY FIRST SHOWER, AND THOSE SINCE.  I really do not know how to describe it but will try.

I have always lived on the East coast and one my son moved to Arizona in August 6 years ago.  One of his first phone calls was to tell me that “it’s 114 degrees”, but quickly added that “it’s a DRY HEAT DAD”.
I had never visited during the Summer until 2009 and had never experienced “dry heat”.  We played golf one day and it was 112 degrees but, it actually “felt better than playing in Myrtle Beach, SC with the temperature at 85 degrees with lots of humidity like it is a lot of the time.  There is a BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

My wife and I have remarked that our hair feels softer, our skin fees smoother, cleaner, and that we are wondering why we took so long to purchase the shower filter.  The shower filter does make a BIG DIFFERENCE………..ONE THAT IS PLEASANT AND THAT YOU WOULD CRAVE IF SOMEONE TOOK YOUR SHOWER FILTER AWAY.

We will probably purchase one for each of our sons as a present.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.” Norman Rachels, SC

“We are so pleased with the multi pure system, we purchased a system for our relatives in Africa  and one for my mother too.  Thank you! Deborah Coon, OR

“We love our system, and it’s lasted for years! – Jami Blaauw-Hara, MI

” My wife and I were considering getting a water filtering system several years ago. Before we started our research, we received the answer. My wife has a tailoring and alterations business in our home, and one of her customers told her she had researched filtering systems very thoroughly. She brought us the information on your company and products. Your product was the only company that filtered out all of the things we had concerns about. We made the purchase and have been very happy with the product and the clean pure taste of the water. We fill a cold water container in the fridge for cold drinking water and fill water bottles to take on our outings shopping or anything else. We feel we have better water than you can buy in a store and we are not wasting $1.50 a bottle. Keep up the good work. – Ron & Ginny Lewman, Portland,OR

“We’ve been very happy with our MP-500; in fact, when we sold our old house, we left the filter there for the new owners and got a new one for the new house.  It’s great to know I’m drinking water that’s safe and tasty at the tap, doesn’t come in plastic, isn’t driven God knows how many miles to get to me, etc.” – Bob Duncan, VA

“Eleven years ago my boyfriend bought me my current countertop model as a house-warming gift–while I’m no longer with my boyfriend, my Multi-pure water purifier is still kicking!  The quality is excellent and I’ve had NO PROBLEMS with this system.  Other than wanting an under-the-sink model, there’s absolutely nothing wrong w/ this one.  My only costs are new filters once or twice a year.   Excellent quality!” – Heidi Pilath, CO

“I did my homework on water filters and Multipure tops them all.  I have the filter connected to the water dispenser in my refrigerator as well as my sink.   When people come to my house, they always comment on how good the water tastes.  I am very proud to own my system because it’s good for you too.” – Susan Ganley, MA

“Love the filer we have had it for  12 years.  No Problems You’re customer service is great.” – Larry Sitter, CA

“I have been a multipure customer for many years. The filter I have used has produced good quality drinking water. When there have been issues with the equipment, the replacement policy has been excellent, and the customer service personnel have always been courteous and efficient. Orders have been processed and received in a timely fashion. All my experiences with the company have been positive, and this goes back over a period of close to twenty years. – Stanley Rosen, NY

“We have had a multipure counter top model  for several years and we love it.” – Ray Coil, CA

“I have been using a Multipure filter since the mid-90s and would not switch to any other filter.  My water always tastes fresh and clean, as water should.  Recently, we upgraded our filter to an under-counter model.  Much to my surprise, Multipure gave us a customer loyalty discount!  Thanks, Multipure!” – Lulu Murphy, PA

“We’ve used the Multi-Pure water filtration system for several years and love it.  We like not having to deal with water being delivered, buying it at the store, and adding to the trash build up in our community.  We really enjoy the taste of water and drink a lot more of it as a result.    We recently bought a new KWC stainless steel faucet and thought the new brushed stainless Multi-Pure spigot would look nice.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the spigot come with a new style lever and that all of the exposed parts are stainless.   – Linda Anderson, CA

“I cannot say enough praise about your company. Not only is your product effective, clever, and easy to use, but your service is superior and caring. I also find your web site very well designed and easy to use. I recently purchased a vacation home in Venice, Florida. As you can appreciate, there are so many things to fix and learn in a new home. We have a Multi-Pure under sink model. The web site made it easy to learn about the filter, order the replacement part, and change the filter.


You can imagine my dismay when I realized I should have ordered an O-ring! Lorinda to the rescue! I reached out via email and, Presto! The O-ring arrived within a day or 2, even with the holiday. Thanks Lorinda!” – Mary Beth Kelly, FL


The best thing I love about my Multipure water filter is the peace of mind it gives me. I know that I am providing my family with the safest drinking water possible. After years of research, I am convinced that this is the best water filter system in the world. Not only am I a satistfied customer, but I am also a distributor. I absolutely love everything about this product, company and the wonderful opportunity I have been provided with. Thank you God and Thank you Multipure! ~ Laura Newton, Fl.  Your Multipure independent distributor. 🙂