Multipure’s Pure Foundation Donating And Installing 465 Drinking Water Systems To Flint Michigan Families

purelykids465 is a big number! The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint has 465 member families that live in Flint… these families are still struggling daily with lead contaminated water. The Pure Foundation wants to put drinking water systems in as many of these homes as possible… and that’s where we need your help friends. We need as many donations of countertop drinking water systems as possible.

Thanks to you, we are off to a great start! 66 systems have been donated to the 465 families of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint! This represents 66 FAMILIES that won’t have to worry about the quality of their drinking water. If you feel moved to help the community of Flint, Michigan, please do. You can donate a drinking water system, new or used, or make a cash donation that will be used to purchase additional systems.

If you can help, please contact Donna at

Thanks Friends! With your help, we can change the lives of these kids, one glass of water at a time!