NSF Certifies That Multi-Pure Is THE Most Effective Water Filter!

NSF listing by manufacturers shows that Multi-Pure filters reduce the largest range of contaminants!
The effectiveness of any drinking water treatment device is measured by the performance of its filter. NSF testing, in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards, provides the consumer with the highest level of assurance that certified products will perform as claimed.

A close review of NSF listings shows that Multi-Pure’s solid block filters are the most effective for reducing a broad spectrum of contaminants of aesthetic, as well as of health concern.

Although thousands of drinking water systems have been tested and certified, only a few are certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants…those few are all made by Multi-Pure Corporation!

Only Multi-Pure drinking water systems are certified to reduce lead, mercury, cysts, asbestos, VOCs, MTBE, PCB, chloramine, and arsenic V. By carefully reviewing the certification of a product, consumers can make an informed decision about the drinking water treatment device that will provide the performance they need.

When comparing Multi-Pure filters with the competition, the choice is CLEAR…Multi-Pure is the most effective! Multi-Pure Performance Data

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