The Environmentalists Guide To Eco Friendly Food Boxes

The Environmentalists Guide To Eco Friendly Food Boxes

gogreenFood service businesses have long been a major user of disposable food packaging. Take out containers, delivery containers, and storage food boxes are made from a variety of products, including cardboard, plastic and Styrofoam. With the huge green movement worldwide, it is important that your business takes a look at becoming more Eco-friendly. You can start by using recycled and reused items in order to remain competitive and grow your customer base.

As a food service business, one of the best ways you can do that is by using environmentally friendly, recycled (and recyclable) food boxes. These boxes will help your company “go green” and promote an environmentally friendly frame of mind. One example is the Bio-Plus Earth carryout containers.  Not only are the food boxes convenient and Eco-friendly, but in most cases they promote a quality image for anyone.

Some of the best features of eco-friendly food boxes include:

  • One piece designs so that you don’t have to worry about lids or separate pieces. This makes using these food boxes a great way to save space and add convenience!
  • An upscale, modern look that adds a perfect complement to your food and will improve the image people have of your company.
  • Leak resistant designs that make boxes great for sauces and gravies, and virtually all types foods. Leaky take out boxes are a big complaint among consumers.
  • Microwave friendly so that consumers don’t have to deal with melted food boxes or ruined food when they warm up their take out.
  • Keeps hot foods hot while venting steam to keep foods fresh and tasty instead of soggy.
  • Come in a variety of sizes, many can be imprinted with a logo

Going green may seem like a big step for anyone, especially for a food business, but even small steps count. By using eco-friendly food boxes you are reducing waste, recycling and making an effort to change the way the food business impacts the environment.

When the time comes to choose your take-away food boxes, why not look into making a small change with environmentally sound food boxes and see if you could use the benefit of being known as an eco-friendly business among your customers. There are many people who will not frequent businesses which aren’t going green. These are the people that are dedicated to improving and protecting the environment. They won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. Don’t let this simple fix cause you to lose clientele!

Tony has experience working in some of the most upscale restaurants on the east coast and has implemented eco-friendly containers for people to take home their left-overs in.