Multi-Pure Efforts In Haiti

We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls about Haiti this week and so I’d like to share with you what’s happening with our Multi-Pure efforts there. We are working with several emergency response organizations in order to get our filters to people who desperately need them. We have already shipped out some of our MP911 and EF8 units to doctors and nurses who are transporting them in their suitcases as they’ve flown into the country.

We are currently designing a special filter for Haiti to meet their unique needs. A very large shipment of those filters will be sent from our factory in about 2 weeks into the Dominican Republic and then carried across the border, since the seaports and airports are struggling to keep up with their activities.

We encourage you to make monetary donations to some of the organizations that are functioning at full speed on Haitian soil already, such as UNICEF, Red Cross, LDS Humanitarian, Hope for Haiti, and AMURT.