Dont Drink Bottled Water

It's simple: Don't drink water in bottles By Nili MageeImagine a world with no fresh water. The idea may seem impossible to some. I, however, feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.Fresh water is taken for granted in our society. The thought of it eventually running out doesn't occur to a lot of people. Congress is allowing the bottled water company, Nestle, to pump 300 million gallons of water per day from Lake Michigan to sell back to Michigan residents.Water not only is being ...[READ MORE]

This picture says it all

My words can not even begin to describe the pain that flows in my heart when I look at this photo. This has to be one of the saddest pictures i've seen. What are we doing to our planet?

Is Plastic Killing Our Oceans?

A very powerful youtube video is making its rounds on the internet. It has been touted as "The Most Shocking Plastic Pollution Video You've Ever Seen" and I have to admit, this is one of the most upsetting video's I've seen, but feel the need to share it. Please watch it and pass it on.Plastic - from production and distribution to consumption and pollution - set to Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever.Our plastic problem is our oil problem. It all comes from the same stuff, crude. And right ...[READ MORE]

The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water by Peter H. Gleick

Gleick, a freshwater expert, is the author of Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water. In the book, he examines how drinking water was commodified and branded over the past 30 years, turning what was once a free natural resource into a multibillion-dollar global industry — while raising questions about the taste and safety of drinking tap water.  "I think for the most part, we have great tap water," Gleick tells Terry Gross. "It's not always the case — but it ...[READ MORE]

Tapped the Movie Edited Video Portion –

This portion of the movie "Tapped" was edited out of the film..Please watch it. It is quite disturbing, and if it doesn't stir up an emotion in you, I would be surprised. When you get the time, Please get this film and watch it. I promise it will open your eyes.When you think about the product of a plastic bottle, you don't think about the process and the health effects of living next door to where that product is created. Tapped visits those sacrifice zones in Corpus Christi, Texas and examines ...[READ MORE]

Moore On Plastic In The Oceans – Tap It Talk

This is so disturbing, it really makes me want to cry...Captain Charles Moore discusses the great pacific garbage patch.He presents some of the facts about how plastic gets into the ocean and the problems it causes, along with some great imagery. He happens to be kind of funny too. Watch the video here: Moore On Plastic In The Oceans - Tap It Talk