Why Everyone Should Drink More Water

Everyone who is not already drinking mostly water throughout their days needs to start doing so. Water is the source of human existence, and the liquid that has allowed us to evolve to such a high level. It’s what allows our brains to work and our emotions to thrive and is vital to our very existence. Below are ten excellent reasons why you should drink more water.

1 – Because your body will love it. Virtually every part of your body, from your hair to your toenails uses water to grow and function. Water is the basis of human life and drinking water is what your body craves.

2 – Because you drink too much other stuff. Virtually anything you drink that isn’t pure water has things in it that either do nothing for you, or are flat out bad for you.

3 – Because other drinks make you fat. Almost all carbonated beverages contain high fructose corn syrup, which is basically sugar. Sugar makes you fat. Milk contains fat, which also makes you fat. Drinking these other beverages every day rather than water, put simply, makes you fat.

4 – Because water is easy. There is nothing easier than water. It comes out of every single faucet in the world. All you have to do is turn the handle, and there you have it, water, ready to drink. In most places it’s free and can be poured into readily available containers. You don’t have to stand in line, or give up your money.

5 – Because water is better for you than coffee or tea. While it’s true that coffee or tea won’t make you fat, they will fill you with caffeine and or whatever else it is you put in to make it taste more palatable.

6 – Because it helps your digestion. Your stomach and all the rest of your digestive organs rely on a steady stream of water to help you properly digest your food. Too much or too little and you could wind up with cramps, bloating and irregularity. Why make them have to work extra hard extracting the water from other beverages when you could just give it to them straight?

7 – Because water is cheap. Water is the least expensive thing you can drink. Yeah, sure, you may not like how it tastes straight out of the tap, but you can always buy a filter, which is still cheaper than soda, water or tea.

8 – Because it helps your kidneys. Of all the organs in your body, your kidneys are perhaps the most sensitive to how much water you take in. Your kidneys not only need water to function, but are the organs responsible for processing all of the liquids you put into your body. When you drink pure water, your kidneys take out what other parts of your body need, then pass the rest on through. For other liquids however, your kidneys have to work hard to separate out the water from all the other stuff, such as fats and alcohol and sugars etc.; it’s this process that sometimes lead to painful kidney stones.

9 – Because your doctor thinks you should. Go on, ask your doctor which is better for you, water or sugared drinks, or coffee, or tea. Which does you body like the most and which will help to keep you the healthiest.

10 – Because it helps slow aging. It’s true, drinking enough water everyday helps to slow the aging process. This is because all of the human body parts that show age are directly affected by water: skin, hair and the tissues that help us defy gravity. Consider that virtually all skin care products claim to help moisturize your skin. Well, so does actually drinking that water. Hello?

These ten excellent reasons on why you should drink more water are for everyone that is alive and breathing and isn’t drinking water instead of carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, milk or other manufactured beverages. If you are such a person, I hope these reasons will convince you to start drinking more water and less of the other stuff. Good luck.
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