1. Kathryn Grace

    This is the kind of story that excites me. Gradually, one by one, ordinary people like you and me have learned just how silly, perhaps even dangerous, our addiction to bottled water was and made the switch to tap. It's the right thing to do, for the planet, for our pocketbooks, and for our health. Inspiring story! Thank you for posting it and for joining the conversation on Blog Action Day 2010: Water.

  2. Laura

    Thats great to hear Kathryn, I love it when people refuse bottled water. Those big companies that have turned a precious resource into a commodity really jerk my chain. Money and greed are what its all about. Its a shame when so many people in this world lack access to clean drinking water.

  3. virusa11

    I was surprised when I read this blog. I didn't know that the plastic bottles were made from petroleum products. Reading blogs is definitely a good alternative way to learn.

  4. Oscar

    I totally agree with Kathryn. And will surely look for that film Laura. The information you wrote excites my curiosity. I have been buying bottled waters for over 20 years.

  5. Bob

    Hopefully, many people will finally realize how harmful plastics are to the environment. Will definitely share this post and the film to my students and friends. I have also watched that film and must say that documentaries are really an eye opener.

  6. SCJA

    Imagine how many people a day and how many people drink bottled water…sigh…I dont know what kind of step we will do to at least reduce the numbers. Anyways, I totally enjoyed my visit to your blog and will surely visit again to see more new articles. I'll just go and grab a copy of tapped. Thanks Again Laura

  7. Jay Peters

    Im so happy to see people talking about something worth my time reading. I believe the that the world be a better place if we lessen the use of plastic and we should stop drinking bottled water.

  8. John Olsen

    The movie is great and it will widen your imagination about bottled water. Hope that everyone can watch this and surely they will second thoughts before drinking the bottled one.

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