1. Laura

    The only way to remove hexavalent chromium is through a reverse osmosis. Brita, Pur, Aquasana, or any other type of point of use system DO NOT remove this toxin. Make sure to check the manufacturers data fact sheet to verify if the system is certified to remove chromium 6.

  2. Ben

    I checked out Zerowater filter and talked to people in NSF. It reduced the Hexavalent Chromium to levels below 1PPB. That is really neat and the filter is abargain compared som other systems.

  3. Laura

    Ben, Thank you for your comment. I did some research on the zero water filter website and they are certified to reduce chromium.

    The ZeroWater® Filter Pitcher (ZP-001) and ZeroWater® filters (ZF-201) have been tested and certified for reduction of these substances: Lead, Chromium, Mercury,Hydrogen, Sulfide, Chlorine Taste and Odor, Iron, Zinc & Aluminum.

    However they are Not certified to reduce many other contaminants found in drinking water such as: Arsenic, Chloramines, phenols, Cryptosporidium or bacteria.

    So, in terms of a pour through pitcher type filter, it is better than the other brands.

    Click here to read my full evaluation of this product: http://thewaterfilterladysblog.com/2010/01/29/the-zero-water-filter-pitcher-review-on-a-scale-of-1-10-receives-a-big-fat-zero/

    Thanks again!

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