1. Heather Lovell

    Wow that was incredible insightful. I am however wary of Cola, not that I am a big soda drinker, but I am a bit less now.

  2. Tina W

    1) I am totally guilty of having my weekend intake be much more ‘mixer’ and much less water.
    2) My brother-in-law worked 35 years for the California Highway Patrol before retiring recently. His response to the ‘using Coke to clean blood spills’ issue: “Utter bullsh*t”.

  3. kelly tillotson

    i am guilty of drinking too much diet soda…i need to cut it out, but ive always been good about drinking lots of water too [thats how i justify it to myself…]

  4. Angela H

    Wow, I had no idea! I stopped drinking anything carbonated back in May which includes Coke and Mtn Dew my two past loves. I can definitely say that I feel so much better! Now reading that I know I made the right decision.

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