Please… Rethink Plastic

As you all know, I am an avid supporter of Plastic Pollution Coalition. I do my part by buying as little plastic as possible, I do not drink bottled water, and all the plastic that we do use in our home, gets recycled (at least I pray it is, when the city picks up our recycling bins), I use re-usable shopping bags when I go shopping and I donate monthy to this organization. Its not a lot, but if everybody did this we would have alot less trash in our oceans.  Today Plastic Pollution Coalition shared a video on their facebook wall, and it really touched me. It is a short video, but just goes to show, that we humans are so disrespectful of our environment and the animals that reside in it. Please Rethink plastic.

From the video description: “Dolphins play with anything in their environment, even our trash.  Thankfully, this guy was able to free himself after he disappeared.  I found the bag, floating in the water, 15 minutes later. This could have ended very differently.  Please think before you use plastic. Video from

For more info on how you can reduce your plastic waste visit: