1. Canisters might be costly to replace, and will exhaust quicker in areas with hard water. Ion-exchange filters can also come in smaller, less expensive home water filters, and are even built into some coffee makers.

  2. Thanks a lot for posting such an informative blog post regarding Multipure’s Aquadome. Now with increasing Health Concerns, such Water Purifiers and even Packaged Drinking Water have become very important for people throughout the World.

  3. shauron w

    Wish I had one of these because I drink and use a lot of water ; I have hard water (smells as well) so this would be great.

  4. Many congrats for being on the top. Water filters are of course having a great importance these days. Impurities in water leading to several diseases, so filters have become a mandatory equipments. And if your filter is ranking on top then it implies that it must be the best among all.

  5. Home Water Filters

    I like the look of the Multipure Aquadome water filter. Congrats on the ranking. I just wish it could be put under the sink. Thanks for the great info.

  6. Aqua pure,

    Multipure is a 3 stage solid carbon block 0.5 micron filter.
    Multipure has been successful in developing the technology to produce filters that provide greater chemical adsorption and mechanical filtration. Materials are formed into a densely compacted Solid Carbon Block; compression enhances the kinetics of the filter and provides performance that cannot be achieved with granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. Compacted Solid Carbon Block filters have a large surface area to better facilitate adsorption. With a Solid Carbon Block, the water contact time is longer and provides for greater adsorption of many different chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and certain heavy metals. A close review of product listings confirms that Multipure’s Drinking Water Systems are among the few that have been certified to reduce PCBs – a particularly difficult contaminant to reduce.

    To learn more visit this page: http://thewaterfilterladysblog.com/2012/06/26/the-science-of-multipures-carbon-block-water-filter/

    Hope this answers your question.

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