Multipure "Compatible" cb-6 Replacement Filters – Buyer Beware!

fake multipure filter

Fake – Non Certified, Imitation Multipure “Compatible” Filter

Have you been tempted to buy a Multipure “compatible” filter to fit into your Multipure water filter? If so, you may not be getting the quality of water you think you are. Recently Zachary Rice, president of Multipure, sent out a letter to all distributors addressing the issue of imitation filters and the importance of using only a genuine Multipure replacement filter. Mr Rice writes:

Dear Valued Distributors,

I have recently heard growing concerns regarding imitation carbon block filters that are “Multipure compatible”. As we all know, the water filtration industry is full of incredible potential. There have always been competing products on the market as well as “knock-offs” attempting to capitalize on Multipure’s superior products. However, with an increasing number of companies entering this expanding market, and with the ease of finding products in today’s information age, these products are more prevalent and visible than ever.

The simple fact remains that these products are inferior to Multipure’s certified products. In the end, there are two options a consumer faces when selecting a drinking water filter for themselves and their family. The first option is to choose a Multipure product with broad performance certifications, superior capabilities, and exceptional quality backed by a lifetime warranty. The second option is to choose a product without these assurances. Simply review the fine print, the list of performance claims, and the information available on the options, and the answer will be as clear as a glass of Multipure water.

Let me provide an example. The CB6 cartridge is NSF certified for 67 contaminants, most of which are health concern contaminants including Lead, VOCs, PCBs, MTBE, and Cysts. An available “knock-off” cartridge is certified for nothing and adds the following disclaimer: “If you know that tap water contains a chemical contaminant of health effect, then you may want to install a specialty filter to remove the contaminant of concern before water enters this filter.”

If your customer insists on purchasing a knock-off filter, please have them take the advice of the competition and put a CB6 filter in place before the knock-off cartridge. My advice would be to save themselves the frustration, risk, and cost of an inferior product, and just stick with a product we all have confidence in: Multipure.


Zachary Rice

Remember, you purchased your Multipure water filter because you knew it was the absolute best performing product on the market. Don’t be fooled by imitation “knock off” filters. Buy only Genuine Multipure replacement filters for your Multipure.