Multipure "Compatible" cb-6 Replacement Filters – Buyer Beware!

Have you been tempted to buy a Multipure "compatible" filter to fit into your Multipure water filter? If so, you may not be getting the quality of water you think you are. Recently Zachary Rice, president of Multipure, sent out a letter to all distributors addressing the issue of imitation filters and the importance of using only a genuine Multipure replacement filter. Mr Rice writes: "Dear Valued Distributors, I have recently heard growing concerns regarding imitation carbon block filters ...[READ MORE]

Multipure FREE Shower Filter With Purchase Promotion Starts Today!

Multipure FREE Shower Filter With Purchase Promotion Starts Today! "Scientists Consider Chlorine One of the Most Toxic Elements Found in Nature.  Yet, you come in contact with it everyday... Consider a Better, Healthier Shower" Multipure is proud to announce the very popular FREE Aqua Shower Gift with Purchase promotion! Effective July 1 - September 30, 2013, customers who purchase a drinking water system* or Drinking Water System Starter Kit* can request to receive a Free Shower ...[READ MORE]

The Science Of Multipure's Carbon Block Water Filter

The Effectiveness of Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block Filters Drinking water pollution comes from many sources. Surface water can become contaminated with agricultural runoff, community landfills, and hazardous waste from manufacturing byproducts. Groundwater can become contaminated from gasoline and MTBE leaks from underground storage tanks, or from the injection of hazardous waste into deep wells. Significant growth of the drinking water treatment industry can be attributed to the consumer ...[READ MORE]