6 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The sky is falling! Well, kind of. Whether we like it or not, our world is changing. It’s getting warmer, and many say we (humans) are to blame for it. Our energy consumption increases every day – from our incessant need to drive everywhere, to our countless hours plugged in to various electronic devices.

There are ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint and do your job in helping keep this world, and the living things that occupy it, around a little longer.

Buy a laptop instead of a desktop ­– Aside from being much more versatile and compact, laptops are designed to consume much less energy than desktop computers. With about 80% less energy consumption than desktops, laptops can significantly decrease your carbon footprint – especially for frequent computer users.

Find alternative modes of transportation – Cars are a luxury. Their convenience is something that most people can’t live without. This is one of the more sacrificial ways to decrease your carbon footprint, but it’s an important one. Using transportation methods such as busses, bikes and carpools can have a dramatic impact on the amount of toxins that enter our atmosphere. If you don’t think you can cut your car completely out of your life, try doing it once a week. It might be easier than you think.

Swap your bulbs – This one doesn’t seem as obvious, but nonetheless, it’s very important. Standard incandescent light bulbs require much more energy than compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), also knows as the “spiraly light bulbs.” Fun fact: if every household replaced its incandescent bulbs with CFL lights, we earthlings would cut down our annual carbon dioxide pollution by almost 62.5 million tons. That’s a lot of bad stuff.

Check your car tires – While cruising down the road with your buddies (because you’re carpooling now, right?), take a second to stop at a 7-Eleven to check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires can have a serious effect on your gas mileage. Fill ‘em up properly and notice the savings in the air and in your wallet.

Get a programmable thermostat for home – There are some high-tech thermostats out there that let you control your home’s temperature from almost everywhere. Keep your house comfortable when you’re home, and turn off the heat or air conditioner while away. When you’re on your way home, turn on your climate control from your mobile phone. This keeps your furnace or air conditioner from running while nobody is home.

Recycle – Cities across the country are making it easy for people to recycle without having to find a recycle bin around town. Some companies will pick up your recycling right at your door, making it too easy not to recycle. Even if this service isn’t available to you, take a trip to a recycling center once a week to drop off your plastic, paper, cardboard and glass. It’s a simple solution to a huge problem.

You now have no excuse to neglect your carbon footprint. These are just some of the many ways you can contribute to the reduction of pollution in the atmosphere.

Jordan is a copywriter in Omaha, Neb. Although he could do better, he tries to keep his carbon footprint at a minimum by recycling, carpooling, and using CFL bulbs. When the Hyperloop reaches Omaha, he promises to stop driving his car. He knows that having appliances in grade-A condition can help to reduce energy use (and thereby reduce his carbon footprint), so he frequently consults the blog of Windy City Air for repair tips.